Tremaine Edmunds NFL Draft Projections

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Tremaine Edmunds Virginia Tech
Tremaine Edmunds (Photo by Don Montague)

(Update: Edmunds was drafted No. 16 overall by the Buffalo Bills)

The NFL Draft is just a few days away, and it looks like Virginia Tech’s Tremaine Edmunds is going to be a top 15 pick.

We took a spin around the web by Googling various iterations of “NFL mock draft,” and we found out that Tremaine Edmunds continues to be a popular first-round projection. We looked at 15 projections for the first round, and only one of them had Edmunds going outside the top 15, at No. 17.

Tremaine Edmunds NFL Draft Projections

We found six mock drafts on and four more on, so that’s where ten of the 15 mock first rounds came from. We include each of the 15 projections here, with a link to the projections, most or all of which were updated in the last week. Some may be updated between now and the draft, which begins on Thursday, April 26th.

Average projection (15 mock drafts): 10.5

Most popular projections: San Francisco (5), Chicago (4), Oakland Raiders (2), four teams with one projection.

Worth noting: Kiper and McShay participated in a head-to-head, three-round mock draft, where they alternated picks. It’s an Insider article, so it’s not accessible unless you’re a subscriber, but way down at the bottom of their draft, the last pick at #100, was Hokies defensive tackle Tim Settle.

NFL Draft Schedule

From “The draft will take place over three days from April 26-28. The first round will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 26. The second round begins at 7 p.m. ET on Friday, April 27, and the third round will take place on the same day. The fourth through seventh rounds start at noon ET on Saturday, April 28. FOX will broadcast only rounds 1 through 3, but ESPN and NFL Network will carry all seven rounds of the draft throughout the three days.”

To summarize:

  • Thursday, April 26: Round 1, 8 PM (FOX, ESPN, NFL Network)
  • Friday, April 27: Rounds 2 and 3, 7 PM (FOX, ESPN, NFL Network)
  • Saturday, April 28: Rounds 4-7, noon (ESPN, NFL Network)



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    1. To remember the Hokie Club, he first has to know about the Hokie Club. That isn’t a statement about TE, it is a statement about the Hokie Club, just in case it wasn’t obvious.

    2. Could not disagree more, there are no guarantees. Bank every damn dollar he makes. Now should he make big bucks on a 2nd contract absolutely. Live like your broke for a while. The NFL” not for long” league.

      1. I disagree. He got where he is because of the leg up he got at Va Tech. He should tithe- 10% of his contract.

        1. yes, we all should [not necessarily to one place, but the total givings], no matter the stage of our earnings – early, middle, late. As I am sure Hokie E63 will confirm, if you aren’t doing this, you are missing out on life, and others are as well.

          1. Amen. Giving is much better than receiving. It really does open up life. Try it- you will like it.

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