Suspended Virginia Tech Linebacker Tavante Beckett’s Felony Charge Reportedly Dropped

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Tavante Beckett
Tavante Beckett signed with Virginia Tech in the Class of 2016. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Suspended Virginia Tech linebacker Tavante Beckett has reportedly received good legal news on two marijuana-related charges, including a felony charge of conspiracy to sell or distribute marijuana being dropped to just possession.

Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times reported the news after speaking with Beckett’s lawyer, Jimmy Turk.

To recap, Beckett now faces two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana, with both charges under advisement of the court for 12 months. Beckett is slated to serve 100 hours of community service, and could see both charges dropped if he complies with the court’s orders and avoids any further legal trouble.

Having the felony charge off the table means there is at least a road for Beckett to return to Virginia Tech, if the staff chooses to reinstate him to the team. Beckett would also have to re-enroll at Virginia Tech for the spring semester, after he being suspended by the university’s conduct committee this fall. If Beckett returns, he’ll be competing with freshman Rayshard Ashby for the starting mike linebacker role.

Beckett was indefinitely suspended from Virginia Tech’s football program on Sept. 11, with no original reason given. Two days later, Beckett was charged with one count of possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, and one felony count of conspiracy to sell or distribute marijuana. 

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  1. I’m glad the felony charge was dropped. It’s dumb law I’m my humble opinion but it is the law. A guy in his position, on scholarship, really shouldn’t be taking the risk with so much to lose. He needs to say no until he’s off schorlorship, if not for himself, for the team.

    1. It is a dumb law – currently being corrected, albeit slowly – but the fact that he’s underage is bothersome and would be against the law even when it is corrected. Still, if he is afforded a second chance I hope he takes full advantage and makes a third chance moot.

      There will be plenty of weed and booze in the pros. Pro anything, really.

  2. What a Break !!! Now Mr. Beckett needs to “MAN UP” by growing up !!! My best wishes go out to the young man and all of his family !!! Certainly hope that more VT Football is in Mr. Beckett’s future !!! Second chances don’t come along very often !!!

    1. Glad to see this is behind him
      Expensive and humble experience to a good young man with a great family
      He knows and taught better
      Future is again is in front if him

    2. True, but I don’t want anyone to come back asking for a third. Let’s put this behind us and move on – some learn from their mistakes and some don’t. The best have their off days, but they don’t repeat the same mistake.

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