Virginia Tech Recruiting Update: Hokies Host Plethora of Talent

Virginia Tech recruiting
Virginia Tech hosted over a dozen recruits on April Fools’ weekend. (Picture via @Trentonpennix on Twitter)

After a relatively quiet March, Virginia Tech played host to tons of talent over the weekend. The Hokies were unable to pull in any commitments, but definitely put themselves in good position with several recruits. Here is a list of recruits who visited Virginia Tech this past weekend.

Class of 2018: Trent Pennix, Cam Goode, Ronnie Walker, Dillon Spalding, Dennis Smith, Joe Kane, Ben Amadi, Mari Wingard, Donte Burton

Class of 2019: Jalon Jones, Quinn Carroll, Brandon Smith, Darrion Dalcourt

Trent Pennix is a 3-star running back from Sanderson High School in Raleigh, NC. The Hokies have been in great position since offering Pennix in the beginning of March. Pennix is high on Tech, Minnesota and Louisville, and will visit the Cardinals next weekend. For now, Virginia Tech is likely the leader.

Cam Goode is one of the biggest recruits the Hokies will recruit in this cycle. Goode is roughly around 6-feet tall, but weighs 315-pounds. Virginia Tech is one of Goode’s best offers and the Hokies should be in good position to land a commitment.

Donte Burton is a soft verbal commit for North Carolina, but he has high interest in Virginia Tech. Burton started looking around after the Tar Heels lost their defensive backs coach in January. This will be a recruitment to watch moving forward.

Dillon Spalding is a 4-star recruit from Northern Virginia and is very high on the Hokies. However, Virginia Tech is recruiting several wide receivers in this cycle and it’s unclear where Spalding fits on their board. Still, getting him to visit is a plus.

Ronnie Walker received an offer from Virginia Tech in early March and the Hokies have been high on Walker’s list since. Walker is another in-state 4-star recruit and could be the answer at running back for the Hokies. Commitments from Walker and Spalding would help Virginia Tech recruiting efforts in the Commonwealth.

Joe Kane and Dennis Smith both received offers over the weekend. Kane is a 6-foot-3, 265-pound defensive lineman with three Power 5 offers so far. Virginia Tech should be in prime position, though Wake Forest is a school to watch. Smith is listed at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds and holds offers from Clemson, Duke, Georgia and Northwestern.

Jalon Jones is a quarterback from Baltimore, MD. His only offer is Virginia at this point, but an offer from the Hokies could come soon. Jones has also received interest from Clemson, Penn State and North Carolina. Jones is teammates with Darrion Dalcourt.

Quinn Carroll received an offer from Virginia Tech in January, and his recruitment has blown up since. Carroll has 23 scholarship offers so far, including offers from Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State. Carroll is likely a 5-star recruit, and he visited Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Notre Dame last week. Carroll is of course the brother of former Virginia Tech long snapper Colin Carroll.

Brandon Smith received an offer over the weekend as well. Dalcourt has not been offered by the Hokies as of now.

Virginia Tech will likely host more recruits next weekend. One recruits expected to visit is Payton Wilson, a 4-star linebacker from North Carolina. It is Wilson’s last scheduled visit before he plans to commit on May 1.


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    1. Well, I am a 60 year old with a Master’s and I like it and find it appropriate. This does seem like a plethora ado about nothing.

    2. Well, I really am adverse to defending Ricky (since he’s a ‘Blue’ when everyone knows a good Hokies’ primary color preference is Chicago Maroon) – anyway, ignoring the 3 Amigos foolishness: (from Webster’s)

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      1. I hate to correct someone who’s making a grammar correction, but the word is “averse”, not “adverse”.

  2. Good thing that we get the last visit for the 4star LB. I know we added lots of talent there, but would always like to see more. Plus, the early commit means some extra recruiting for the recruit!

    1. Wilson is supposedly revealing a top four list soon. I’m not sold he’s a VT lean, but we shall see.

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