Chris Clarke Lost For Season With a Torn ACL


Virginia Tech sophomore wing Chris Clarke will miss the remainder of the season with a torn left ACL.  The injury will require surgery, and the timing of the injury could put Clarke’s 2017-18 season in jeopardy as well.

Clarke was averaging 11.4 points per game, and was also Tech’s leading rebounder at 7.3 boards per game.  He was shooting 58.8% from the field, and all year had flashed the ability to impact the game in so many different ways.  On December 17, Clarke recorded the first triple-double in Virginia Tech history with a 13-point, 12-rebound and 10-assist night against The Citadel.

Clarke also missed 12 games last season with a foot injury.

The loss of Clarke not only costs Virginia Tech a reliable starter, but it hurts an already thin bench.  The Hokies were going with an 8-man rotation with so many players hurt or redshirting.  Now they are down to just seven regulars: Seth Allen, Zach LeDay, Justin Robinson, Ahmed Hill, Justin Bibbs, Khadim Sy and Ty Outlaw.

Tech had already lost senior center Johnny Hamilton for the season with a fractured hand, while sophomore center Kerry Blackshear is redshirting while recovering from a leg injury.  Freshman guard Tyrie Jackson has to sit out this season as well, and Buzz Williams has not given details as to the reason.  JUCO transfer forward Seth LeDay is also required to sit out this year per NCAA rules.

If the Hokies want to play an eighth player in the rotation, it would likely be former walkon guard Matt Galloway, who was awarded a scholarship at the beginning of the spring semester. Galloway is a senior and he’s scored three points in 10 games this year.

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  1. Chris Clarke is a highly energetic, talented and smart basketball player for whom I wish a speedy recovery for his sake and the sake of this team.

  2. Dang it. Hang tough Chris Clarke. I hope the surgery and rehab go well. The team and the fans will miss you on the court.

  3. Dagnabbit! I love Clarke! Hope he fully recovers and is able to finish his career with a flourish. Our best all-around player, and a heart & soul guy. All the best!

  4. Well on this one we won a battle, but might cost us the war! Hope he heals completely an does not try an come back to soon. Know they want to compete and win, but need to get healthy!

  5. My guess is a redshirt next year to get fully healed up. You just cannot mess around with these things trying to come back too early; plus, when he CAN play, he will have to get his mobility back and learn to trust that leg again. Mental part of the recovery is as important as the physical part.

    We have had running backs in football try and come back early and that did not work out for VT or them. Duke QB this year tried to come back too early and he may be done for good. It is just not worth it for a kid who has such potential and higher aspirations.

  6. Why do people insist on saying ‘it’s the curse” or words to that effect? Such negativity. There is no curse. Things happen in sports and to human bodies. It is a tough blow, it is a definite loss, but next man up. Go Hokies!

    1. I think it is mostly TIC. But that said, I have NEVER seen a basketball team continually suffer the sort of season ending injuries that the Hokies have had over the past 6-7 yrs. How many teams have 3 rotation players out for the year out of 10, and 2 of those guys are starters and major contributors? We continue to have these sorts of injuries time and time again…Duke, UNC, UVA never have had a player go out for the season that I can remember—and they are already much, much deeper than the Hokies. We have lost 3…say 3 big time players go out for the year just this year.

  7. It’s VT bb, no surprise. More of the same old same old. It would be nice to have more 8 scholarship players available for an entire season. Every year we always seem to be playing with a short roster. When was the last time we had more than 9 players available for a full season. I bet next season with injuries we won’t have more than 9 scholarship players available. It would be nice to just have a full team of players available. Now down to 7.

    1. These young men have played their hearts out in spite of some bad luck and are haven’t a very good season. Why don’t we look up to them instead of gripin’ about somethin’ WE can’t do anything about!!!!!!!!!!

      1. here, here!
        when the going’s been rough, the tough got going.

        get well! young man. we look forward to having you back, and better than ever when you return.

        Go Hokies!

      2. I don’t think anyone is not proud of this team and the heart they have shown. It is just unfortunate for these young men (especially these Seniors) that we are so short handed and don’t get to put our full roster on the court. I don’t think anyone is not looking up to these guys and getting behind them…but all Hokie fans that have stuck with this team year in and year out (and not just when they are good and competitive, but through all the last place finishes) see this as a great opportunity year, and a team that can really do things and actually make a NCAA tournament, but the bad luck continues to work against them. I think almost every real Hokie basketball fan is cheering for this team and realize it is unfortunate for THEM to have to deal with all of these injuries, the lack of depth and the lack of size (that is getting smaller and smaller)

    2. Buzz produces results but they come at a price. He’s tough to play for and that is reflected in a high attrition rate (players who leave, are run off, or are in the doghouse). As a result, we will always have a thin bench. The thin bench, in turn, results in increased playing time for the handful of available players. That equates to more wear and tear, and likelihood of injury. It’s a vicious cycle…..

  8. Yeah, I would say former All-ACC guard Devin Wilson over Galloway, right? Defense and can attack the rim if there’s some daylight. He’s on the bench now that football season is over. Time to crack back into Buzz’s rotation?

    1. Not happening I would guess. The over/under is that Mr. Wilson is going to transfer for his senior season.

  9. Unfortunate injury for Clarke & team. A great team player & spark plug. Would seem like Wilson would be the logical replacement unless he is being held out by his request. He’s a good defender & probably as good an offensive player as Galloway. Has much more on court experience.

  10. Hang in there Chris! Sorry for injury man – real tough break. You play 110% all the time every play…and will be missed this year!

    Get well soon, rehab that thing, and cant wait to see you on the court again next year!

    Go Hokies!

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