Early Enrollee Kalil Pimpleton Excited about Virginia Tech’s Class of 2017

Kalil Pimpleton (center) made it official on Wednesday, signing his National Letter of Intent to Virginia Tech. (Picture via @shyraa_)

The spring semester at Virginia Tech starts in less than a week, meaning early enrollees like Kalil Pimpleton are making their way to Blacksburg.

“It’s exciting,” Pimpleton said. “I’ve been living in Muskegon, Michigan 18 years of my life. All 18 years of my life. To be honest, I haven’t seen or been out of Michigan really. This will be a great experience to see how different it is. I’m really excited about it.”

Pimpleton, who’s been committed to Virginia Tech since May 2016, has been one of Tech’s biggest cheerleaders and supporters on social media and on the recruiting trail. The 3-star recruit has actively recruited several players, including Devon Hunter and Nathan Proctor.




Pimpleton is one of several Virginia Tech commitments who are enrolling for the spring semester. Pimpleton is joined by Caleb Farley, Hendon Hooker, Silas Dzansi, Aundre Kearney, Dalton Keene and Terius Wheatley. Pimpleton said that getting into the program as soon as possible allows him to get a feel for things and puts him in a better position himself to make an immediate impact on the field next season.

“It gives you a jumpstart on the other recruits,” Pimpleton said. “There are a lot of benefits to starting early. You get a jumpstart on the system you’re going to be in for the next few years.”

Pimpleton said that he’s developed friendships with Keene and Wheatley, and will be roommates with Kearney, a linebacker from Jacksonville, FL.

“He’s a pretty cool guy,” Pimpleton said of Kearney. “You can tell that this is what he wants. He’s really excited about this.”

With his unique skill set, Pimpleton should have no problem fitting into Justin Fuente’s offense. He said he’s excited to get on the field and grow into his future role.

“Besides being the slot receiver and being the jet guy, or the quick out guy, besides those I’m not really sure,” Pimpleton said. “They could possibly use me at running back, that’s the only other way.”

The Class of 2017 could be one of the better recruiting class in recent history for the Hokies. Pimpleton is part of a class that currently ranks 26th in the nation, but will likely rank higher with targets like Devon Hunter, Tyjuan Garbutt and Ameer Speed still on the board.

“I’ve talked to a lot of those guys,” Pimpleton said. “They’re pretty excited about getting down there themselves. We’re actually in a group chat together and we talk about the future a lot.”

Fortunately for Pimpleton, he’s already developed a relationship with Josh Jackson, who’s likely to start for Virginia Tech at quarterback next season. Jackson is of course replacing Jerod Evans, who declared for the NFL Draft after the Hokies’ Belk Bowl victory.

Pimpleton said he didn’t expect Evans to leave, but that he’s confident in Jackson’s ability.

“He’s a Michigan guy too,” Pimpleton said. “As soon as I committed, me and him exchanged numbers and we talk.”

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  1. Nice to have another athlete from here in Michigan choose VT.. Excited for him. I’ve been noticing VT getting more traction around the area up here recently.

  2. Enjoy Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. Learn a lot from your classes, your teammates, your coaches and simply the whole experience. There will be tough days, but keep your head to the grind and your heart in the right place. It’s a good move to go south. You’ll have some winter, but longer autumn and springtimes. We look forward to watching you grow with your teammates.

  3. Haha..I thought I was the only one that was ultra excited about this kid. He’s quick…ultra quick and will be awesome in Fuente system.
    Welcome to Tech!!

    1. Oh no. He’s my favorite in the class. He can’t get to Blacksburg soon enough. Though he’s seen a bump, I think he’s underrated still.

  4. I don’t know Pimpleton’s size, but somehow he’s reminding me of Isaiah Ford, all “up” all the time. If he does half what Ford did, we got us another man at WR.

    1. 5’6-1/2″ 150lbs. ford= 6’1-3/4 192lbs. what you say now? i say he better be fast and able to get down quick.

  5. Very Good article and a great Hokie Recruit to write about. I look forward to seeing this young man in Lane !

    1. Haha…I was wondering about the girls in the pic as well. The young man looks like he could be a real Ladiesman217….…..I think I like his style already.

      The upperclass just needs to put their arm around him and coach him to make sure he asks for ID when he gets to Blacksburg as a Frosh. We don’t want to see him get caught up in any unnecessary shenanigans before his career gets hot because It sounds like he could have a great future ahead.

  6. Great news. I have big expectations for this young man. He could be a real game changer with his speed and moves.

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