Virginia Tech Football Depth Chart Released

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Virginia Tech has released their football depth chart for this week’s game against Liberty.

Full Virginia Tech Football Depth Chart

football depth chart

Perhaps most notable on the depth chart is that Colt Pettit will start over Wyatt Teller at left guard, and that Sam Rogers is listed at running back (tailback) over Travon McMillian. Also notable is that Bucky Hodges is listed as a wide receiver, and Chris Cunningham is listed at tight end.

There are no surprises on the defensive side of the ball, where Ken Ekanem is listed as a starter despite recent injury concerns swirling around him.

We’ll return with a full analysis later.
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  1. If you read CJF’s comments he made a point of saying that people should not read too much in to the fact that Rogers starts as (1) he said it had to do with the type of offensive ‘packages’ they plan to run early in the game, i.e.: Rogers does a little better in those packages than Travon and (2) CJF has stated on more than one occasion that the player who starts will not necessarily get the majority of plays in the game or finish the game. I strongly suspect by the end of the game T.M. will have the majority of the carries. Could also be that Rogers is a better pass catcher out of the backfield at this
    point in time.

  2. Sam Rogers is a class act and a quality leader on this team. So, I’m not disappointed about his starting. I’m happy for him and his family. He’ll give scouts a quality look at his skill set in some high profile games. I do hope TMAC gets his touches though. He’s the home run hitter! The kid has only had one year at the position which, means his upside is tremendous!! I truly believe at some point during the season physical, line up and run ACC football will ring true and Fuentes will need to adjust his offensive philosophy. I’m honestly not sure Memphis would have had the offensive success they had in the ACC. Time will tell.

  3. Can we expect both Strohman and Greene to be back for KO’s. Normally, there are two receivers back there?

  4. Thanks for the update Will.

    If there is a mental game at work regarding Wyatt and Travon, I am not sure I like it. From what we/I currently know, these student-athletes have never been a detraction, disruption or embarrassment to the team or program. Why “play” this approach with them when it doesn’t appear justifiable (are we just trying to motivate them or another player at their expense?) Players, families, fans, and recruits eventually start to take one side other the other here. I could see this coming back to haunt Coach F and staff. JMO

    1. Oh sage one, how do you know he’s playing mental head games? Let’s give the new coach a chance before we start critiquing to much.

      1. Fair enough.
        I will try to give Coach Fu benefit of doubt as I would much rather celebrate him than not. Hope he’s got it right IFWT for now.

    2. Nah, TM is pretty high on himself after last season. He got 1000 yards after not playing 6 games and he’s got a bit of an attitude about it. I think Fu is just letting him know where he stands and that nothing is given it is earned every day.

      Same thing with Teller. People have been all over Wyatt since he was a recruit. He’s mostly lived up to it, but plays a little too loose at times and is a bit cocky.

      Both guys I think rightfully so take pride and are confident in their abilities. They probably think they’re owed the starting roles and may not be putting forth the effort in practice that some of the guys below them are. With the 3 WR and 1 TE set, how can you not call Rogers the man? Is the vocal leader on offense. Watching the latest (yesterday’s) snapchat video is seems like WT got the message. I forget which DL he was facing but he mauled him… BADLY.

      Coach Fu wants character kids to come in and give their all. I think that message will ultimately resound with the type of players we want in O&M.

      1. Fair enough point.

        As I stated above, I will try to give Coach Fu benefit of doubt as I would much rather celebrate him than not. I hope he’s got it right……But picture it this way………these 2 guys are the ONLY players on the team who are feeling themselves too much right now? Don’t you want that cocky confidence? Isn’t that what we have been missing on offense? You can’t tell me Mr. Celebration guru himself wearing No 7 with God’s Gift on his forearms is NOT feeling himself and letting every person or DB on the field know he’s feeling high on himself when he is in his stance, coming out of his route and grabbing passes above your head on the way down? But I hadn’t heard or seen Bucky get the same treatment and I “know” BH has to be more overtly confident and vocal than TM or WT or even the traditional smack-talker we like to see from Bud’s group? Something just seems out of whack with singling out TM and WT…but I will let it be for now.

        1. By all accounts Bucky is all in. He’s been working hard, attending meetings for TEs and WRs, and sees this as his chance. The kid is going all in.

          Compare that to comments from Fuente about McMillian this spring and Teller this fall. Not where he wants them to be. Getting beat out by other players. Not putting in the full effort. Believe me I want attitude but not at the sake of chemistry. You want to be a cocky SOB you better lead by example. Light your own fire and everyone around you as well. TM and WT aren’t doing that currently. Bucky is. Ford is. Rogers is.

    3. I don’t think they were arrogant at all.. I would be willing to bet money that wasn’t the case. Let’s steer away from tearing these guys down. We will need to lean on them before the season is out.. One injury changes everything!

    1. Smith is not really the backup at LT. If Nijman gets injured, McLaughlin probably goes to LT and Osterloh starts at RT.

  5. Many have been saying that #7 was a WR first and a TE second if at all and that fullback is only a position in an offensive formation. This depth chart should put any counter thoughts to rest – but it won’t and that’s OK. That’s the beauty of TSL. Go Hokies!

  6. Rogers backing up Facyson, Deablo as the only FR WR in the 2 deep, and Williams behind Stroman are interesting to me as well. Should be a bit different next week…

    Gotta think Teller is in the dog house a bit. Will be interesting to see how much time he gets this weekend and makes me wonder if it’s not a silent 1st half suspension type of deal…

    1. Think teams would attack the right side of this depth chart with power runs. Stroman and Mook at 180lbs.
      Should be better when we are back to full strength.

      1. I’m not. WT is a beast and a road grader. CP might have him in pass blocking but when you need a road paved you bring in the steamroller. WT is gonna flatten people in the running game.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Petit starts over Teller against Tennessee versus starting against LIberty.

    1. Against Liberty, I’ll be really curious to see how much the o-line rotates (if at all) in groups due to up-tempo play. Assuming we are as up-tempo as we intend to be for the rest of the season and don’t hold anything back.

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