Linebacker Raymon Minor Rejoins Virginia Tech Football as a Walk-On

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Raymon Minor
Linebacker Raymon Minor, who left the program on Aug.11, is back and practicing with Virginia Tech.

Raymon Minor, who had decided to leave Virginia Tech roughly two weeks ago, has rejoined Virginia Tech football as a walk-on.

Head Coach Justin Fuente, who confirmed Minor’s decision to come back to the team on Twitter, told the media on Aug. 11 that Minor had decided to leave the program and transfer.

“We support him. I want him to be happy and successful,” Fuente said of Minor’s decision to transfer on Aug. 11. “This is a lot of work and he put in a lot of work. He worked really hard. We support him to go and have a better chance to get on the field in a bigger role or whatever it is that he’s looking for. We fully support him and wish him the best and we’re willing to help him in any way.”

Minor, a redshirt-sophomore at linebacker who was on scholarship before leaving the program, played just eight games last season for Virginia Tech, mostly on special teams. With linebacker depth a serious question for the Hokies on defense, Minor does have a significant chance for playing time this season as a bench player.

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  1. true, he has lost his scholly, but I think he has a path to earn it back. Let’s hope he gets it.

  2. Minor highlights what has been general bad luck with our LB recruiting of late. Recently When we sign a highly touted 4 star LB, he typically ends up not mentally able to grasp the position, overrated, or switch positions.

    With exception of Bruce Taylor some that come to mind include Qullie Odom, Trey Edmunds (position switch), Deon Clarke (started by default due to horrible depth), Holland Fisher, Minor. I might have missed some on the list but these guys above were some of the consensus 4 star linebackers that we signed recently

  3. Something strange going on here. Suspect there is more to the story. The net effect for Minor is that he has lost scholarship.

    1. Either he found there simply weren’t a lot of other takers, or he missed his teammates and the idea of leaving a place he loved was a hasty decision. Either way, glad to see he was welcomed back….hopefully he earns his scholarship back and contributes positively

      1. only two “either …or’s” reasons?
        there are so many more possibilities for his decisions –
        first to leave the team,
        then to have a change of heart and return to VT.
        he is still a young man figuring lots of things out.

        welcome back RM! “welcome home.”

        i am thankful to those who gave me second and third chances
        when i made mistakes, both as a teen, young man and
        even now that i’m over the hill..
        and i’m thankful CJF gives deserved second chances
        with measured doses of reality. teaching football and life skills.

        CJF! we have so, so much to be thankful for!

        Go Hokies!

    2. I could see it as a paperwork issue. Once you renounce your schollie, it’s gone. Go back through the process of getting an offer, accepting etc. so coaches want just a little bit of “show me” before running through all that again, but suspect with no hiccups that’s what will happen.

  4. I am curious as well. Did his parents tell him to get his butt back to VT? Did he just realize he made a hasty decision and regret it? Also, interesting that he is a walk-on. I assume he has the opportunity to re-earn his scholarship.

    1. previously it seemed so decisively final; now so quickly reversing course.

      scratching my head also, but I do remember my freshman, first quarter:
      taking a – what seemed to be – long walk to the dead end of Clay Street
      (overlooking the tennis courts) and having a long, fruitful talk with God
      about life and my architecture career. turned out, it was the beginning
      of a bigger better marathon with Him that has been blessed and graced.

      if RM’s “two-week walk” was as significant as mine, then good things
      for him and our team are on their way.

      welcome back RM: i hope “things/your head” got completely straightened out.

      Go Hokies!

      1. I had one of those moments my freshman year as well. I’m truly grateful that I didn’t walk away from one of the greatest places I’ve ever had the opportunity to be.

        Welcome home Mr. Minor 🙂

        Ut Prosim

        1. I think this is great that a person can admit he may have had second thoughts – and given a second chance…CJF handled this very well and we can use him…watch him turn into a star…

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