Carson Lydon To Transfer From Virginia Tech

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Carson Lydon
Carson Lydon

A Virginia Tech spokesman confirmed to both Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times and The Key Play that rising sophomore linebacker Carson Lydon will transfer and pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Lydon played in 11 games as a true freshman last season, appearing mostly on special teams.  His redshirt was pulled before the Purdue game after starting mike linebacker Andrew Motuapuaka was injured.  Lydon got second team reps for two weeks and played a lot in the second half of the ECU game after Sean Huelskamp was ejected.  He made a tackle for loss in that game.

However, once Motuapuaka returned, Lydon spent the remainder of the season on the scout team, which meant he got very little time working with Tech’s defense (the scout team simulates the upcoming opponent each week).  He played the rest of the season on the kickoff team.

Motuapuaka (r-Jr.) and Huelskamp (r-Jr.) are expected to be #1 and #2 on the depth chart when practice opens in August.  Huelskamp missed spring practice with an injury.

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Even if he wasn’t going to be a starter, he still was an injury away from starting …

  2. This hurts (although there must be a reason for why the coaches weren’t playing him). But at least this is happening now instead of a week before the season starts. Also, any LB prospects should know that potential PT has opened up.

  3. This really hurts but, I trust in Bud. He knows what he’s doing as long as it’s not stopping a mobile QB.

  4. These are kids….if they are not happy they should go where they think they can be happy. Life is just too short!!

  5. Motu should be better this year. Not every player is as good as they are going to be as a fr or so. MLB might take some time to learn. Randall was not very good at QB until his jr and sr years, then he was one of our best ever. Maybe Motu will surprise his critics.

  6. Or maybe he wasn’t any good and was told he should seek opportunities elsewhere.
    Our LB recruiting has been non-existent for what seems forever.

  7. The LB problem appears to have been recruiting ?

    The LB problem appears to still be recruiting (too many 3 stars) ?

    The LB problem appears to forever be recruiting ?

    What say yee Mr. Bud Foster ? Can you possible step-up your LB recruiting game ?

  8. sorry to see him go because we know what we are left with. A LB who takes himself out of more plays than he makes.

  9. I hope our new coaches have an answer for the MLB position including Bud! I hope Bud sees whats necessary to have a good MLB and I hope our new HC sees what’s needed at the MLB position and doesn’t let Bud baffle him with BS.

  10. why? Why, why, why? And I mean this on multiple levels. Why would he leave? Why was he not the named started instead of Motuapuaka who was listed as LB in the program but didn’t play like one.

  11. Really? He was the heir apparent after this year wasn’t he? Now he has to sit a year vs potentially red-shirting….mind boggling or it is very telling.

    1. I think it’s telling that he just wasn’t happy here, or patient enough. If someone pouts and/or feels sorry for themselves, that affects performance. Or if he just didn’t fit in Blacksburg and wasn’t happy overall, that affects performance and prevents someone from reaching their potential.

      When potential is greater than performance, there’s usually a reason/excuse

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