Loeffler: “It was a really good day”

Scot Loeffler had more discussions with the media on Monday.

Scot Loeffler

On D.J. Coles working at H-back: “Yeah, I think DJ’s such a versatile player that he’s going to have multiple roles in this offense.  I think he’s a guy that got hurt and wasn’t in shape.  He’s fighting through all of that to get back.  I think he’s a really talented player and we’re going to rely on his leadership and rely on him in terms of bringing those young guys along.”

On his impressions of Mark Leal : “Yeah, I really like Mark.  I think he’s getting better and better each day.  The first step we’ve taken with Mark is that I told him that he needs to pretend that he’s the starting quarterback.  That will be very helpful for him this season if by any chance the #1 quarterback goes down, he’s ready, he’s prepped.  So we’re taking the approach with him that if Logan does get hurt, he’s ready to go.  But I’ve really liked where he’s come, he’s really improved, I like him.”

On whether he feels like the offensive line is closer to getting set: “Yeah, I do.  We’ve got answers…there’s solidified, done deal answers in my mind, but there’s some scenarios and a couple guys we aren’t sure of.”

On whether he’s willing to share which players he feels have solidified a position: “No [laughs].”

On whether he’s  gone this close to the season not knowing exactly how the OL will work out: “I think it’s different in every scenario.  There’s been times where we walked into a training camp and it was five, and there’s times where we walked into a training camp and it’s four, and there’s time where it’s zero.  It’s not a deal where there’s a set rule.  In some years you aren’t sure.”

On what he feels about the tight end spot: “I think Ryan Malleck is a heckuva football player.  He’s very important.  He’s going to have a big role, multiple roles.  I think he’s going to have a very good year.”

On the backup tight ends: “I think those guys are coming along.  They are developing.  We’re kind of finding out who can be that second and third tight end.”

On whether anything changes in the second week of installation: “We had a break, which was good.  We installed the beginning of the two minute offense [in the film room].  Those games come down to four minutes, two minutes so many times.  Spending a whole day on two minute offense was good.  Next Sunday will be another big situational day on those end game scenarios that always occur.  You just try like heck not to screw those up.  Those are the ones that we all remember.  I mean, you’re trying to win the game for crying out loud.  I thought it was a good day.  It was a really good day.”

On whether Trey Edmunds is definitely the short yardage back: “I think that’s too general a statement.  It’s all who you’re playing.  There’s times on third and one you want to pound it up in there, and there’s times you want to take a playaction shot, and there’s times you want to take a playaction and get the first down.  So I think, number one, who you’re playing.  And number two, the scenario.  For me to comment on whose going to be in on third and one is not fair right now.”

On whether J.C. Coleman can get a tough yard: “I think so, absolutely.  You watch how he runs the football, he’s a slasher, he’s tough.  The thing of it is, I think we’ve got a couple of good backs.  And we need a couple of good backs.  Those guys take a beating day in and day out.  I’m happy with those guys, they just have to keep coming along.”

David Wang said that Loeffler asks his centers to do more than Wang was used to…whether that’s true or not: “Ummm, just ask Wang.  No, it’s nothing that anyone else doesn’t do.  I mean, it’s very simple.  It’s similar everywhere I’ve been.  It might be different for him opposed [to what he was used to before].  But everywhere I’ve coached it’s been about the same.  Thats why I said to ask him.  I don’t know [laughs].”

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  1. Great Post by RestonHokie 2.

    We may not have the best talent or have a great offense this year but I really feel these coaches know how to get the best out of our players. They are teaching and pushing the kids to grow and reach new potential. That has to be exciting for the players.
    There seems to be a lot of new tough love on Offense. Just nice to see intensity on that side of the ball.

    Before the year is over the offense will be improved.

  2. In the last year, after my divorce, i have gotten back into dating. One lady i had dated a few times interrupted me and said why do you keep talking about your ex-wife. Why do you have so much anger? She told me to let the anger go and move on with my life. She is right. I stopped talking about my ex so much and focus more on the here and now. Frankly, i feel much better and am a happier person.

    GUYS … i sit here and read belly ache after belly ache, some days i wonder if the posters on here have VT mixed up with Duke or even UVA. While you have your points … you act as if VT has never been to a bowl game.

    A lot of time is wasted here reading one post after another pissing and moaning about the past offense, players, and coaches. Every day there is someone posting about the blocking. Guess what guys, i watched every game last fall and i saw the offense not blocking. i don’t need to be reminded of it each and every day.

    LET IT GO. Stop focusing on the past and focus on the here and now. Perhaps you too will feel much better and be a happier person.

    1. Man I wish someone would say That every single day. Get so tired of having to read the posts from whiners and guys who must love to play ain’t life terrible and nobody understands me or my point of view. Get a life and be a fan and a supporter not a pain with your opinion of everything negative. Lets Go Hokies!!!!

    2. Are you talking about your ex again?
      Btw- SHUN!

      If she’s cute include her number. To soon? 🙂

      1. She graduated Class of 73 so she may be 9 years older. However, she has $500K in the bank and investments, a $75K govt retirement, drives a mini-cooper on the weekdays and a mercedes C300 on weekends.

  3. The most impressive point to me at this point is these coaches can communicate are excellent when interviewed. Is not coaching all about communication? To be clear about your plan you have to have one and then communicate.. I am excited.

  4. The more comments you hear like “It’s similar everywhere I’ve been”, the more you realize that our offense was a clown show prior to this year.

    1. Yeah, that kind of talk makes me wince. Gives you an idea of how big-time football (especially in the SEC) conducts its business, and just how far we have been from that standard.

  5. Wait a minute! What’s with all this positive stuff from the OC? We have no O-line, running backs or decent WRs so I have heard. How dare Loeffler break up the pity party with his talk of good attributes of his players.

    Thanks CC for letting us know that despite the obvious challenges, the OC sees talent we thought was there.

    1. We skip over the First Down drill and the 13 minute drill and go straight to the 2 minute drill? Wake me up for the 2 min part. I’m not sure I can watch the rest. Let’s see, was it 4 carries for 7 yds or 7 carries for 4 yds?

      1. Ah! Another on that thinks there is only one correct way to do things! How open minded…not!

    1. I like the situational stuff, the scenarios he talks about, using different players outside of the pigeonhole we normally put them in depending on the opposition. Number one is who we’re playing.

  6. Wang is out of Wack ! I guess KN out Wack too by Not showing these kids the right stuff! Good article

    1. I’ll admit my first thought was “Hmmm…stuff they do everywhere else…that explains why Wang isn’t used to it.” 🙂

      1. “stuff they do everywhere else” … like blocking people, we haven’t done that around here for a while

      2. As a program we needed to have coaches that had the experience that allowed them to say things like, “stuff they do everywhere else”. I really don’t care if we don’t have a good record this year, I just hope we keep these coaches long enough and give them what they need to turn around this ship. I know about the 10 win seasons, but given CC article on the oline the other day, I am still am scratching my head on “how” it actually got done.

          1. We’ve been coasting (if that is the right word) on QB talent at least since MV1, and perhaps even before then.

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