Logan Thomas to Return for Senior Season

Virginia Tech Media Release – Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas announced Tuesday, after informing the coaching staff, that he will bypass the NFL Draft and return for his senior season. The Lynchburg, Va., native has started the past 27 games for the Hokies, passing for 6,096 yards and 37 touchdowns while running for 1,015 yards and 20 scores.

Thomas, who redshirted in 2009 before sitting behind Tyrod Taylor in 2010 as a redshirt freshmen, has already graduated with a degree in human development. He will enter his redshirt season year third all-time in both career passing yards (901 behind Tyrod Taylor’s record of 7,017 yards) and career total offense (2,102 behind Tyrod Taylor’s record of 9,213 yards) at Virginia Tech.

“I’m deciding to come back to Tech to better myself and this team for the future. I’m looking forward to what this upcoming season holds. The NFL has always been a goal of mine, but the NFL will always be there while college is only a five-year experience that you can’t get back.”

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  1. I have a good feeling that Logan will do better next year. He had an off year this year. Scot can help him develop like he has other qb’s. I’m looking forward to next season and I will be at the Alabama game. My daughter goes to college in Alabama and is an Alabama fan. Go Tech!!! Go Hokies!!!

  2. Let’s hope we can get some leads in games so that our other QBs (and others) can get some game experience. Didn’t happen this year. Can’t remember Leal playing at all. But this fall could be different.

  3. Very glad LT stayed. I truly believe he can return to 2011 form with new OC/QB coach. While he certainly seemed off for lots of the season, keep in mind how one dimensional the O became early in most games due to having the one of the worst OL’s in the country. Not all that surprising he became mostly a running wrecking ball trying to pick up first downs! We saw him in 2011 have a very good year as a first time starter and I say we’ll see him have a great final year next season! Hopefully he’ll have Drew Harris to hand the rock to as well!

  4. His articulate and VT positive response on ESPNU made me happy that I held my contribution to 2011 levels after considering to do otherwise

  5. You could do a whole article on why Logan regressed in 2012. I think for one thing he was never comfortable with the new receivers, the lack of a running game, and a p*ss poor OL didn’t help. But I really think the time spent with the QB coach in San Diego last summer screwed him up too. I hope Loeffler doesn’t let Logan go to any more camps/schools. I hope Loeffler can get rid of the crap Logan learned in San Diego and get him back to 2011 form, and then improve on that. I think having D J Coles back will be big for Logan, and if he developes any vibes with the young receiving corps, along with some stud RBs in Harris and Edmonds to improve the running game, he will have a terrific season. The final piece in the puzzle will be Coach Grimes whipping the OL into Grade A shape.

    Tech has the talent, maybe not Alabama talent, but talent enough that if it is coached well I think everyone will be well surprised.

  6. All of today’s announcements are great on the surface..now if Scot can put together a solid offense , work closely with Logan and develop him into a NFL type QB, all this to compliment Bud’s defense…and keep Stiney away from anything offensive we could have a banner ye ar given our “patsy” schedule that doesn’t look like one that would place us in the top ten! I hope Stiney leaves Blacksburg for the good of the team..

  7. I’m glad he’s coming back but he needs to be playing tight end. I don’t think he will ever be a starter in the NFL. Oh well, I’ve been wrong before and I hope I am about this.

    1. This is essentially a philosophical difference between us, but I’m of the opinion that he needs to be doing whatever it is that his coaches think necessary to benefit the team. As of this moment in time the powers that have been have thought his value to the team is highest at QB. The incoming staff may or may not share that opinion, but whatever they decide should be based on that rather than on his future prospects in the NFL. Just my opinion.

    2. Right, if he puts up another year like his last two (averaging 3000 passing and 500 rushing) he will go down as the greatest VT QB of all time…..but sure, he should be a tight end.

  8. Thanks LT! Look forward to watching you for another year at VT PLUS look forward to you having a successful NFL career when it comes. And here’s hoping you go to an NFL team that I enjoy watching.

  9. Two questions, was there any idea of where he was going to be projected? Also, how many years does Leal have left? I just have to wonder what Tech is sitting on with that kid.

        1. Leal will be a redshirt Junior next season. So two years left, which means only one after Logan leaves after next season.

          1. Didn’t Leal and Maddy come in the same year, from the same Florida HS. Maddy just finished his second year without redshirting. So he has two years left. Leal redshirted on year, was eligible one, 2013 will be his redshirt sophomore year, and he will have two years left after this fall.

          2. Correct.

            And for OandM69 – Leal came from Atlantic in 2010, Maddy and Estime signed in 2011.

            Redshirt: 2010
            r-FR: 2011 (#2 QB)
            r-SO: 2012 (#2 QB)
            r-JR: 2013 (TBD, but likely #2 QB)
            r-SR: 2014 (projected #1 QB)

  10. I will say right here, right now, I didn’t think he would stay.
    I was wrong, incorrect, mistaken, didn’t know what I was talking about, those things and more – and I’m happy with it all.

    Go Hokies!

  11. Way to Go LOGAN!
    Looking forward to crunching bama G1 next season.
    Go Hokies!
    Mark Leal – stay stay stay – champions have to have 2 solid QB’s

  12. This should take care of everything and Beamer time to go back and concentrate on Beamerball. Gives the opposing team something esle to worry about like old times

  13. I’m happy for him, I think that is the best choice if he wants to be an NFL QB. Hopefully Scot can help him reach that goal.

  14. I hope someone can tie all this together for next season. This will be a big break for the HOKIES to get started this spring.GO HOKIES.

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