Reports: Loeffler, Grimes Visit Blacksburg

Mark Giannotto of The Washington Post reports that Scot Loeffler and Jeff Grimes were in Blacksburg today to meet with Frank Beamer about joining the football staff at Virginia Tech.

Loeffler was offensive coordinator at Auburn this past season, and at Temple in 2011.  While quarterbacks coach at Florida, he tutored Tim Tebow.  He was also a quarterbacks coach at Michigan, where he worked with Tom Brady, Brian Griese, Chad Henne, Drew Henson and John Navarre.  He is presumed to be the top candidate for Tech’s offensive coordinator position.  He would also serve as quarterbacks coach.

Jeff Grimes worked with Loeffler at Auburn this past season, and spent the last four seasons as the Tigers’ offensive line coach.  His offensive line was a big reason Auburn won the National Championshiop in 2010.  He has also coached offensive line at Boise State, Arizona State, BYU and Colorado.

Following the 2010 season, Grimes turned down an offer from Texas head coach Mack Brown that allegedly would have made him college football’s highest-paid offensive line coach.

Reports also indicate that Loeffler met with Logan Thomas while in Blacksburg.  Thomas has until tomorrow, January 15, to decide whether to declare for the NFL Draft or return to Blacksburg for his senior season.

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  1. Glad for the change but feel a little underwhelmed. I would have rather had the guy from ODU. At least it would have been an up and coming guy with an exciting offense on his resume. At least Frank won’t have to worry about anyone hiring him away from us. Boring!

    1. There is no way I could DISAGREE with you more! I would have felt that way about the ODU coach and his Madden 2013 Offense!

      I won’t believe ANYTHING until I hear it out of Blacksburg, but I LIKE the package OC/OL!

      It’s time to get somebody confirmed so the second-guessing from the TSL keyboard coaching community can begin!

    2. You are dead wrong, top caliber OC and someone whose coached a nat Cham team. Haven’t you guys learned, look at UVA, hired an proven Div 2 coach that won with someone else’s kids and has tried everything even promising an Alabama reject the world. Could be London’s swan song.

    1. If accurate, Kudos to CFB for making long overdue changes. We needed a new perspective and hopefully Loeffler will bring what is needed and get us back to scoring lots of points on O. His first order of business should be to let the OL that no one has a starting job. Those guys played soft all season and need to be re-educated on what smashmouth football means!!!….hit someone for crying out loud!!!. Hopefully whoever lands the OL coaching position will adopt Bud’s intensity! Here’s hoping we elevate next season and run over D lines! Go Hokies!

  2. this is great news, not only because of the candidates but because it’s news, real news! Bringing 2 guys who have worked together before is synergy out of the box and helps speed up the transition. Loeffler’s QB resume is pretty significant. Hadn’t heard of Grimes but that resume looks good too and with a name like Grimes, you have to be an OL guy!

  3. I’m not sure how much Auburn’s failure this year had to do with Loeffler, but it doesn’t look good. I like that he’s worked with some good QBs and apparently helped in their development. I guess, bottom line, is he better than Stiney(?) Since it doesn’t take much to be better than Stiney, I hope Beamer is not just settling for what’s left over.

    Grimes sounds good. These boys on our OL need to be marinated and put on the fire. For too many years we’ve been hearing about our weak OL. This year was the worst with no fire and no leadership, either from the coaching staff or the players. I think the talent is there, but these guys need a lot of “coaching up”, and Grimes looks like he could be the man.

  4. I really hope these hires were made today and Logan was able to make a decision based on meeting the new OC.

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