CBS Says Tech has Hired Loeffler, but No Confirmation from Blacksburg

Bruce Feldman of reported earlier on Twitter that sources have informed him that Frank Beamer has hired Scot Loeffler as offensive coordinator.  However, Virginia Tech has not confirmed that Loeffler has been officially hired.

Loeffler played quarterback at Michigan, though a shoulder surgery prematurely ended his career.  He began coaching as a grad assistant at Michigan, where he became close with Tom Brady, and the two remain friends today.  Here’s a quick look at his coaching bio…

1996-99: GA at Michigan, working with quarterbacks
2000-01: QB coach at Central Michigan
2002-07: QB coach at Michigan
2008: QB coach with the Detroit Lions
2009-10: QB coach under Urban Meyer at Florida
2011: QB coach and offensive coordinator at Temple
2012: QB coach and offensive coordinator at Auburn

Loeffler has coached, either as a GA or a quarterbacks coach, the following NFL draftees: Tom Brady, Brian Griese, Chad Henne, Drew Henson, John Navarre and Tim Tebow.  Here’s where those future NFL QB’s ranked in pass efficiency (excluding Brady and Griese…Loeffler was only a GA then)….

2002: John Navarre, #56
2003: John Navarre, #38
2004: Chad Henne, #44
2005: Chad Henne, #50
2006: Chad Henne, #26
2007: Chad Henne, #53
2009: Tim Tebow, #1

As a comparison, Tyrod Taylor was #13 in 2009 and #13 in 2010, while Logan Thomas was #49 in 2011 and #90 in 2012.

Former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr had this to say about his former quarterback coach in an interview with David Jones of The (Harrisburg PA) Patriot-News back in 2011.

“Talk to any quarterback Scot’s ever coached,” said Carr on Wednesday. “They’ll all say the same thing: His meetings are unbelievable. You’re gonna learn the game and he makes it fun. His expectations are high. But they’re not unrealistic.”

Temple quarterback Mike Gerardi had this to say about Loeffler in the same article.

“He’s the best teacher I’ve ever been around,” said Gerardi. “Rather than just tell you and teach you and correct you, he can go out there and actually show you how he wants it done. That’s something I haven’t been around.  He’s very keen on discipline and staying on-plan. Take what the defense gives.”

Loeffler’s experience as a coordinator is limited.  Temple was #65 in total offense in 2011, though the Owls were #7 in rushing offense and #33 in pass efficiency.  That’s generally what Frank Beamer looks for in his offenses: a good running game, and an efficient passing game.

However, Loeffler’s 2012 season didn’t go as well.  Auburn was not good offensively (or defensively), and head coach Gene Chizik was fired at the end of the season.  However, two future Hall of Fame coaches (Lloyd Carr and Urban Meyer) thought enough of Loeffler to hire him as a quarterbacks coach, and Nick Saban interviewed Loeffler for Alabama’s offensive coordinator job back in 2008.  Some say that Loeffler didn’t get the Alabama offer, other say that he got the offer, but elected to try his hand as an NFL quarterbacks coach instead.  He was also interviewed for the LSU offensive coordinator position in 2011.

If hired, Loeffler is expected to bring offensive line coach Jeff Grimes with him.  The two coached with each other at Auburn, and Grimes has a long history of coaching offensive lines.  Here’s a look at the rushing offenses of each Auburn team during Grimes’ tenure there…

2009: Auburn, #13
2010: Auburn, #5
2011: Auburn, #32
2012: Auburn, #78

There was a dropoff in 2012, but overall, his work at Auburn was considered to be good.  Mack Brown of Texas tried to hire Grimes at the end of the 2010 season, and allegedly offered him the highest salary of any offensive line coach in college football.

Grimes visited Blacksburg on Monday along with Loeffler, according to reports.

Virginia Tech will still need to hire a wide receivers coach, and one name has surfaced: former Illinois standout and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Moorehead.  Moorehead won Super Bowl XLI with the Colts.  His father is Emery Moorehead, and they are the first father-son combination to ever win Super Bowls.

After his NFL career ended, Moorehead became a grad assistant with New Mexico in 2009.  He then moved to Stanford as an assistant coach, where he worked closely with Pep Hamilton in developing Stanford’s passing attack.  After having played with Peyton Manning in the NFL, and having worked with coaches like Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw and Pep Hamilton in college, Moorehead is thought by many in the coaching industry to be a rising star.

However, no reports have indicated that Moorehead has visited Virginia Tech, or has been offered the job as Virginia Tech’s wide receivers coach.

In other news, Logan Thomas will make his announcement at 4pm on Tuesday via a school press release.  The general consensus of opinion is that he will return to Blacksburg for his senior season.

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  1. Can someone tell me if there is any connection between Jeff Grimes and J. B. Grimes (VPI’s former OL Coach). Son, nephew ?

    1. Just read where J.B. was hired to replace Jeff at AU. Must not be any relation to each other.

  2. Am I the only one wondering why we’re getting excited over hiring a guy whose offense was just about dead last in the FBS last year?

  3. LORD, please let this be true!!! We’ve only waited 10 years for an offense that can compliment our defensive “guru”. This will also be a positive, maybe hold Torrian in Blacksburg for a little longer. WOO-HOOOOOOOOOO

  4. Good news! After a long time hoping for change, it’s finally here. Now I can look forward to football season again!!

  5. Someone (Travis Mills?) tweeted that Morehead was in Blacksburg last night. Was that ever confirmed?

  6. If true, then we should all find out how they coach at Spring Training. Hope they don’t cancel the Spring Game like they did last year!

  7. Good news. Best OC “still on the market”. I will reserve judgement until week 5 of the season.

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