Hokies Run Over Bowling Green

Virginia Tech used a second quarter barrage of points to jump in front of Bowling Green, and then coasted to a 37-0 win in Lane Stadium on Saturday afternoon.  The Hokies improved to 3-1 on the season, while the Falcons dropped to 1-3.

The Hokies had -1 yards of total offense after their first possession.  However, they gradually got rolling, running off 21 points in the second quarter to take a big lead, and then kept the pressure on in the second half.  Tech dominated the game statistically.

First downs: 22 to 12
Rushing yards: 246 to 133
Passing yards: 150 to 133
Total yards: 396 to 266
TOP: 32:07 to 27:53
Third down conversions: 6 of 14 to 4 of 16

J.C. Coleman had a big game for the Hokies.

After the first quarter, Tech hit Bowling Green with a dominant outside running game, and they featured their fastest running backs to do so.  Tony Gregory had 11 carries for 68 yards, and he also caught 2 passes for 20 yards.  J.C. Coleman had 45 yards on just four carries, and he added a 10 yard touchdown reception.

Saturday saw the return of heavy doses of read option, with Logan Thomas being used as both the inside and outside option at different times.  Thomas carried the ball 15 times for 65 yards and a touchdown.  Michael Holmes had only four carries, but he busted one for 40 yards and finished with 51 total rushing yards, including a touchdown.  Martin Scales added 3 carries for 15 yards and a touchdown.

Overall, the Hokie running game dominated after the first quarter, and Tech averaged 5.7 yards per carry.

The passing game didn’t go as well.  Logan Thomas threw for two touchdowns, but he was only 11-of-26 for 144 yards with an interception.  Accuracy wasn’t his biggest issue on Saturday.  The biggest issue was the lack of cohesion in the passing game.  Tech’s receivers struggled to get open at times, and several other times they and Thomas were not on the same page, with Thomas throwing out and the receivers running in, or vise versa.

The Tech defense got back to what they are known for, shutting out the overmatched Bowling Green offense.  A 47 yard run by Andre Givens against the second team defense in the fourth quarter gave Bowling Green 133 rushing yards for the day, but on the whole, the VT defense shut down the Falcon running attack, which is Bud Foster’s #1 goal each and every game.

Jack Tyler paced the Hokies with seven tackles, while Tyrel Wilson and Matt Roth added sacks.  Roth’s sacked forced a fumble on the last Bowling Green drive of the game.  Antone Exum had an interception for the second consecutive game.

There still appeared to be a few miscommunications and blown coverages in the secondary, but not nearly as many as we saw against Pitt last week.  As a team, Bowling Green completed just 14-of-42 passes for 133 yards, with no touchdowns and an interceptions, so it was a much better day for the Tech secondary.

Tariq Edwards also made his return to the Tech defense, playing in his first game of the season.  He played with the #2 defense in the fourth quarter, assisting on one tackle.

The Hokies return to action next Saturday when they take on Cincinnati in Landover, MD.  Kickoff time for the game will be set tomorrow (Sunday).  The Bearcats are 2-0 on the season, and they were idle on Saturday.

Box Score

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  1. Really?!?! This is what everyone is talking about? The offense stunk up the first quarter to make it 5 quarters in a row, and some fans let them (players and coaches) hear about. And some people are upset because we are hurting their feelings? Although certainly not what they want to hear, I’m pretty sure they can handle it.
    Not supposed to boo the opposing team? Really? These are not personal insults to the players or coaches, just expressing displeasure of what is happening on the field. I think “political correctness” is going a bit too far when you cant boo at a sporting event.

  2. Hokie Respect extends beyond the game and extends to this – or other – blogs. People are expressing their opinions, some of which we may not agree and may have a lot of emotion (because we are rabid fans), mine included. Let’s all show some tolerance or at least tone down the trash talking, because, we are (ALL) Virginia Tech!

  3. I have seen a Zillion Football games, mostly College and High School, and a few Pro games.
    The same goes for all of the other Major Sports, as in Basketball and Baseball. You Soccer fans don’t count. That said, I am glad that the Tech fans Booed, to let the Coaches know that they were upset with the Play Selection. I have no problem with anybody that Boos, it’s a Free Country. In fact, sometimes I enjoy Booing, and when VT goes on the road, I laugh as their Fans lustily Boo us! It’s all a part of the game, Big Deal. Lighten up you Francises of the World. It is all a part of College Football, it’s what makes it all so fun. I know it irritates Jim Weaver, a Penn State Man, I can assure you that Penn State fans are no Angels, and I’m talking before Sandusky. If We don’t handle Cincy, I’m gonna Boo everybody I see for a couple of days.

    1. Sorry RaineyDay, but in my book, booing is bush league. And how booing makes college football “so fun” for you is a mystery to me.

      I heard the boos, and ALL of the players did too. Do you think that they were able to translate them as disapproving of the play calling? I sure didn’t interpret them that way. I thought that you, and a few other “supportive Hokie fans” were booing LT and the offense, not the play calling.

      Sure hope that our team lives up to your expectations at FedEX, so you can actually provide vocal support, and don’t have to waste time expressing your disapproval.

  4. Was not at the game. Watched it on TV. In my mind, they were booing the lack of offensive production in those three drives that resulted in three-and-outs, as well as the same missing production from the last game, which resulted in a loss. That is all.

    The Virginia Tech football community as a whole understands our offensive ineptitude and is frustrated. Looking at last year, we have an idea of our capability and are irritated, specifically by the running game, this season.

    Let’s be honest: We set our standards extremely high in regards to the Virginia Tech football team. We strive for perfection and are disappointed with any other result. (“We” meaning fans, as well as players and coaches).

    This was a good win. Hopefully, we can build off of it.

    In my mind, here is the progression of our games:
    -Georgia Tech: Fully locked-in and motivated. First game of the season. Worked all off-season for this game. Tough to judge much off this game because of the opponents’ unique offense and the off-season preparation time. Great OT win.
    -Austin Peay: Short week. Did not want an upset but were banged up. Tough to judge much off of this game against an “easy” opponent, but our running game continued to be stymied.
    -Pitt: First road game. This was supposed to be our barometer in terms of gauging the team after a full week of rest and playing a fairly “normal,” I-A (i.e. non-wishbone) offense. Offensive and defensive woes, and the loss, led to a “sky is falling” and “clean house” mentality.
    -Bowling Green: Rebound game. Player intensity at an all time high. Came away with great RB production, a stellar defensive performance, and a W. This was a confidence booster, but again, it is difficult to gauge too much off of this win.
    -Cincinnati: To me, this is our next “real test,” as Bowling Green, despite playing Florida well, has not seemingly accomplished much else this season. This will be our second “barometer” game and really tell us what motivates this team; that is, will they be motivated–and not complacent–coming off a win? We will all see next weekend at 3:30PM EST.

    Go Hokies!

  5. Mr. Coleman & Readers –


    This season is what it is. Those boos at the end of the first QTR, most likely were not for the players who were doing the best they could, PERHAPS those boos were for the play-calling and the lack of coaching strategy that was effective.

    BOTTOM LINE: Those boos changed the way the Hokies did things in the second half. NOW, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the boos as much as I don’t like the Hoos! But, if the coaching staff isn’t putting our players in a position to win the game, fans should react in some way to let the coaches who, “don’t get it”, know that changes need to be made. Let’s hope the play calling continues in this direction.

    ALL AGREE: The end result was a much improved offense the last three QTRS.

    THANKS: For giving Tony Gregory a chance to move the chains! Poor Tony, need to avoid tacklers a bit more or put a shoulder into them rather than stopping when his way is blocked. Tony has a good change of direction when he is 100% and he can juke those defenders, so, I wonder if he trust his knee fully. He will get better and yes, he deserves to start again.

    GMSA Hokie seem to agree, Tony Gregory was a weapon we needed to pull off the shelf. Cincy will be a good test to see if what we developed in the BG game can be effective against better opponents. We need to sharpen the tool prior to UNC, FL St. and Clemson.

    Best to Hokie nation and our players!

      1. Yep, agreed.

        Don’t expect game changes due to boos, rather the changes should be made during the week, and you implement them at the right time in a game – if fan reaction can’t encourage the coaches then why go to a game?

        Fans support the team and cheer them on, especially during key plays. Fans should be allowed to encourage the coaches and voice their opinions during the game, regardless of the reason.

        If you pay for a seat, you have the right to voice your opinions, regardless of how much you pay. Don’t think college football is above the NFL or different in this regard.

        Yes, I do think the boos caused a change in the game plan, or had a result on the timing of the changes. Is that a bad thing?

        1. First you say “Don’t expect game changes due to boos. . ”

          Then you say “Yes, i do think the boos caused a change in the game plan”

          The only bad thing is your thought process.

          1. So, let me clarify for you….

            Changes were laid out during the week of practice. Time to implement was not pre-determined. Thought may have been to use the new plays in the 4th QTR after the Hokies built a comfortable lead.

            Lack of production in the 1st QTR along with fan reaction may have influenced the staff to try the changes in the 2nd Qtr.

            Can’t believe they really made changes on the fly in the middle of the first half. Do you?

            Now, I hope that is clear.

            The other thing that may be clear, is that BOOS have no place in society that is all vanilla. Have a good day.

            Best to Hokie Nation

  6. This is among the most hilarious “strings” I have read on TS in quite some time. The Hokies just beat a decent team 37-0 and all these people can write about is whether or not spending $1000 to attend a game gives you the right to be a boobird? I say Bamahokie1 needs to stay home and Laphroaig needs to cut back or switch to a less potent brand. You guys a really clogging up a good board!

    I thought the team played pretty well throughout the game with some series better than others (just like life, que no?) but all in all, they looked like they were improving. Why can’t you culos have some patience, same something supportive, and focus on the next challenge?

    Btw, True Hokies never boo anyone because we don’t act that way. We leave that stuff to the Yankee transplants at UVa. Shame on you!

  7. I think with your backs against the wall they may not play as some would like, but what they were playing for should have been good enough for anyone. Maybe they were thinking about all the guys they saw at the VA Center that would be the best thought for everyone. There are some football teams that have bad weekends, but they usually bounce back, and that’s just what this team did. Don’t write them off yet. There is still a lot of football to play!!

  8. Funny that I have always held HOKIES to a higher standard. I’m not sure why. The whole culture today in the US seems to feel entitled. Especially the 13 – 25 year olds. They are entitled to wear a tee-shirt with F-U on it, they are entitled to live at home longer, drive dad’s new car, sap the savings of parents who have worked hard and long to provide for families, flip off people who drive the speed limit, run up credit card balances on entertainment, video games and iPhones… and yes booo their own team. These are probably the same people who boo the little kids on the baseball/soccer field… why not, they can do what the hell they want – they are entitled to do and say anything. It’s a “smash mouth entitled world we live in” and I can’t seem to be able to adjust to it.

    Best regards to HOKIES (even those who booo) everywhere and thanks to those of you who are serving and who have served. Wow, you are the best!


    1. I’m sitting in the stands listening to “Hokie Respect” as its being read prior to the game. Not 2 seconds later, our opponents enters the field to resounding boos. Amazing.

      1. After all the support VT got from all over the country after the infamous shootings, we really shouldn’t boo anybody when they take the field.
        And those who boo the visiting team as it enters the field right after the Hokies enter, have to stop cheering for the Hokies so they can boo the visitors.

        Why stop cheering for the Hokies to boo the other team?

    2. I have heard more 25+ y/o’s boo, than 13-25…. With that being said, I do agree that MOST (not all) youth feel entitled.

      1. I’m 64 and for my whole life people have put down the next generation. Based on what I have read this has been going on since the time of ancient Greece .Aristotle said,”The children now love luxury.They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect for their elders” and on and on. Lighten up on the young folks. We were all part of that horrible next generation in our time.

  9. Booing a college student? Come on now, that is ludricrous. They don’t get paid, yes they get a free education, but they work hard for it with all the extra work, (practice, weight training, film study, game plans, practice on their own, etc., etc.). Now go boo the coaches or the NFL players, but not our college kids who basically are doing it for Va Tech and their REAL FANS as a very low pct. make it to the NFL, esp. the ones you boo.
    But go ahead, it shows people around you, what an idiot or fool you are and can be, which worries me in your real life. Does your wife get the right to boo you when you underperform? 🙂 Get a LIFE. So MANY things more imprortant in life. Live with some chronic illness like myself and many others that prevent us from going to the lenghts you were able to go to attend the game b/c we no longer can afford it due to medical care and expenses in the US today. I used to be a season ticket holder for many years and never felt the right to boo the kids, even when we were bad MOST of the time. When I get lucky enough to go and I sit beside someone who boos or evidently never even played the the game, the way they talk n yell, I wish I was well and could knock in the face. 🙂
    Coaches get paid big bucks, yell at them outside the stadium. WE ARE VA TECH! Not an Alabama or LSU, where bad things go on to get some of these players. We have been better than any sane person could ever expect. I thik that is why we catch so much grief about our fans, attitudes like this or the fans who really think it is the end of the world if we can’t win a MNC the way the Bamas, LSU, USC, UF, FSU, UM. OU, etc., etc., can do with their resources and past history. We had our best shot and blew it and now, with the new rules, it may be impossible to even have a shot again. At least we are not medocrity type program like a LOT of programs and our friendly neighbors. We have a good program, a top notch university in a beautiful rural setting that is just not as attactive to a lot of top notch FB students, that you need to be the aforementioned teams. I’m pretty cool with where we have been and where I see us staying and even heading if these past couple classes are as good as expected. Along, with maybe some magic, we may be able to pull on some top defensive recruits next year.
    Be careful what you wish for. just ask UVa and what they ALMOST got.
    Best advice for your blood pressure and your family’s health would probably be, just don’t spend the money to go next time, donate it to the many unfortunate that can’t afford it due to bad medical expenses or other important issues. Be blessed you are able to attend, but that does NOT IMPO n GPO give you the right to boo young students.

    Suppose next, we will have a bunch of people boo our students who just barely graduate at Graduation Ceremonies SHOULD be our next RIGHT as intelligent people. LOL

    Sorry this just hits me wrong, I guess b/c I have played, coached and been a good fan, but now I am not able to as pre-existing conditions on a long term chronic illness has wrecked my family and my life as far as things like this. How, I wish I could play, coach or JUST BE A LOUD AND PROUD HOKIE FAN again at all or some of the games.


    Next up, is Fan Appreciation Day, only the fans who do NOT boo our Hokie students are allowed in the Stadium at NO COST. Wonder if it fills up if people are telling the truth?
    What you say thou? 🙂

    GN with God and my love.

  10. Nice read – the Hokies did what was expected today. Got the running game going and stopping the run. Big improvements from the first latest 2 games. I saw the offense use simpler plays or reads which worked to their benefit. It appeared to be a first or second game of the year instead of the 4th. Go Hokies!

  11. Score a bit misleading. If BG had converted several throws to wide open receivers, they have 14 points in 1st half (and maybe Q1). D did better, especially against run, but right now FSU and Klempson look like they’ll crush us. Thomas off again, but losing half a finger nail explains 2nd half. Seemed to have forgotten about C. Fuller today. Cinch will be tough, and game is in an NFL stadium, where we haven’t faired well. Miami did us a huge favor by beating GT. If we can’t hold 2 game lead we don’t deserve to win division. Let’s hope the team gains confidence from win and continues to learn from, and fix, the mistakes. Go Hokies…please!

  12. Ture Hokies never boo their own team! We should support them 100%. Now if the coaching decisions can be addressed in a forum like this, that is ok. But not booing our own team.
    Be a ture Hookie, support the young athletes at Tech.

  13. The boo’s with 4 minutes to go in the 1st quarter bothered me.
    I can be as critical as anybody but booing your own team just isn’t right.

    1. Disagree. College football has become a big money sport. Labor Day weekend I spent $1000 to come up and see the Hokies play. If they put out a performance like they did in the first quarter today, they deserve to get booed. That’s just my opinion. It’s not like fans are only paying $10 to see a game…

      1. You think spending X amount of dollars gives you the right to boo a bunch of college kids? If your username indicates you are from AL, that explains a lot.

        1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s the “Jim Romeing” of college football. I spent money therefore I can do what I want.

      2. i know some that only paid $20 per SEZ seat. so your choice to overspend does not relieve you of your responsibility to respect our 19 through 22 year olds.

        that kind of expression belongs in Soldier Field, Jerry Jones Stadium, etc.

        Hokie Respect applies to our student athletes as well as the opposition.

        your welcome

        1. Cry me a river. If you’ve followed the Tech program for any length of time, you understand that the boos in the 1st qtr. today were not directed at the players. Hokie Respect may somehow preclude Frank Beamer from holding key members of his offensive coaching staff accountable for poor performance, but it does not preclude fans from expressing their displeasure in the form of booing if they so choose.

          1. Do you seriously expect us to accept that you know who those boos were for?
            Yeah, those boos were directed only at the coaches.
            There are ways for you to confront the coaches about any problem you see. I won’t list them because you’re obviously so smart you have to know what they are.

            So my suggestion is for you to take every opportunity to talk to, yell at, scream at, and boo any and all of the coaches you want, right to there faces. Quit hiding amongst 65,000 people in the stands.

        2. Hey jack leg, I flew to the game stayed 2 nights and flew back home. Decided to make a last minute trip cause I wanted to go to the Burg and only spent $50 on my game ticket.

          Your response shows your ignorance. I am saying that at $1000 for a game trip I can boo our crappy performance.

          1. Hey Bama, your $1,000 doesn’t prove you’re a good fan.
            However, your boos prove you can be a jerk.

      3. I’m split on this one. After flying around the USA the last ten years to see games we keep losing for the sa,e reasons I certainly have a right to boooo something.

        But I do agree its not the athletes that should ever be booed.

        I’d like to see our fans take thier approach to the next level too though. There are too many still with the “as long as we beat UVA” mentality. Guess what, Pitt is my UVA and by my standards we should boooooo something. (And make real changes in the program).

      4. Wow, that is just sad. Probably spent a lot of money on your kids – with food, clothes, shelter, tuition, etc. Do you boo them when they have a bad few minutes?

        1. Gimmee a break. No comparison here. I am paying to be entertained and watch the kids play hard. If they don’t do that then the coaches/team deserve to be booed. I have personally never booed the team but sure as hell wanted to watching us flounder Labor Day night.

    2. Why not?
      I will never “boo” anyone if it is obvious that they played hard and executed to the best of their ability. Sometimes your team is simply not as good as the competing team.

      However, if a group of people is consistently playing well below their talent level, I believe that booing your own team may be necessary at some point. As a parallelism, if i consistently under perform at my job, I will be fired. If i consistently under perform in a class, I will fail the class.

      Are there really no consequences on the football field if you continually under perform?

      Again, I am not saying that I encourage booing when the team is not doing well. All I am saying is that it may be justified if the team has a clear talent/coaching/facilities advantage over the other team and under performs to the point that you question their passion.

      1. Coach moves you to 2nd or 3rd team and in some cases, they HAVE been told it is best to leave or transfer, so your argument for booing in this case is pure nonsense. I assume you never played DI college athletics. It is a JOB.
        Re-think it maybe?

        1. Matter of fact, DI FOOTBALL is tougher than the majority of jobs out there. Look how many never walk again, have damaged knees, legs, etc., all to just go out and get booed if they get out played or don’t execute the CORRECT play. Shame on all of us Hokies for allowing our fans to be known as such types.

          Now Good Night!

      2. You can’t boo because you might harm the players fragile psyche. Get over it people. It’s entertainment. If you can applaud/cheer what you like you can boo what you don’t like.

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