Coles to Redshirt

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BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech senior wide receiver D.J. Coles will undergo an MRI on his knee and will miss the remainder of the 2012 season, as announced Thursday by head athletic trainer Mike Goforth. The Maidens, Va., native had off-season PCL surgery on his right knee, but returned for Monday’s opener against Georgia Tech. He injured the right knee again in the first quarter.

Because Coles has not played in more than 30 percent of this year’s season, he will be eligible to apply for a medical hardship waiver at the conclusion of the season. Coles has not redshirted, so provided the medical hardship waiver is granted, he will be eligible to return next year for a fifth season. Goforth says it’s almost certain that Coles will be granted the waiver and will return next year.

Coles has played in 37 games for his career, starting three. He has 39 receptions for 507 yards and three touchdowns.

We’ll have a TSL Pass article later this afternoon that discusses the implications of Coles being lost for the season.

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  1. Real shame. Especially that it happened on a non-play where the flag was thrown in the middle immediately after the snap and it seemed clear any play would come back. Pushing for yardage even after seeing a flag shows the kids got it right in his mind set, never give up, and it is a shame he got hurt again.

  2. So it actually was the same knee on which he’d had surgery earlier. The initial reports had been that it was not the same knee. In that case, it’s most definitely the smart move to shut him down for 2012.

  3. “Georgia Tech cornerback Rod Sweeting went low to tackle Coles, hitting him on the right knee.”

    – Andy Bitter blog article

  4. Dyrell Roberts has to step up now. The WR corps just got weaker in terms of semi-reliable or go-to receivers. We don’t know if Corey Fuller will be consistent but he gets the chance. Knowles and Stanford may be in more now. And of course the TEs and RBs can be featured more in the passing game to offset the loss of a WR…

  5. Even if his knee is “fine”..this is likely due in part to the possibility that he will face other tackle attempts around the legs…so even if the knee is ok right now, it needs to be strengthened and rather than go through the season at more risk than normal, strengthen it.

  6. Dissapointing news. I was looking forward to Deej having a BIG year being LT’s primary receiver, then getting drafted into NFL. Goochland has Justin Verlander and D. J. Coles, so this is a big blow to a small community that doesn’t get much attention. I’m glad Deej wound up being a great receiver, but I never understood why he wasn’t given a chance at tailback after he AVERAGED over 10 yards a carry his junior and senior years in high school. God bless his heart. Hope he comes back strong next year.

    1. I think the answer to your question lies with Darren Evan, Ryan Williams, and David Wilson. Very tough 3 year stretch to crack the RB lineup.

    2. While it sucks to lose DJ for this year, and it certainly sucks for him, it may actually be a blessing in disguise if Fuller and Knowles conitinue to improve. With Davis, Roberts and Fuller being seniors, we were going to have an inexperienced (but talented) group of receivers next season. DJ could be the senior leader of a very talented group of guys like Knowles, Stanford and Caleb.

        1. Can we all stop “pushing” LT out the door ? Blacksburg is a great place and don’t under estimate his desire to enjoy school and maybe the taste of a National Title in 13, coupled with Heisman hype is something he would enjoy. I know he is graduating in 3 1/2 years, but perhaps lessons learned from others leaving VT early ( see Darren Evans, and possibly David Wilson after last night…. the Coughlin doghouse is a helluva place to get out of ) when they thought they were ready, might be like a reminder over his shoulder to stay and improve as much as possible.

    3. I think this is the best decision for Coles. And while it is a blow for us this season, having a fully-healthy DJ Coles next year is better than having a gimpy DJ Coles this year.

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