Finney-Smith to Transfer

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Freshman forward Dorian Finney-Smith will seek a transfer from Virginia Tech, according to media reports. The story was first broken by David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press.

Dorian Finney-Smith

Finney-Smith averaged 6.3 points and 7 rebounds per game while starting 30 games for Virginia Tech as a freshman. He made the ACC’s All-Freshman team, and was virtually assured of being a four-year starter in the ACC.

Teel’s sources indicated that the transfer has nothing to do with Seth Greenberg’s firing or James Johnson’s hiring.

“This has been brewing for months,” Teel’s source said, and he went on to say that Finney-Smith was never comfortable at Tech. He began considering a transfer back in January.

According to Mark Berman of the Roanoke Times, James Johnson met with Finney-Smith and his mother over the weekend. Johnson’s comments confirm what Teel’s source indicated.

“He said that this was brewing for months. He didn’t really go into a whole lot of detail,” Johnson told Berman. “He just said it had nothing to do with the [coaching] change, this was going on for months. He just wanted to wait until he was done with exams and just finish school out strong. He didn’t want the distraction on his mind.”

Sources told in early-to-mid March, before Seth Greenberg was fired, that Finney-Smith was considering a transfer. Two months passed since we first heard that rumor, so we assumed that he had decided against it. Unfortunately, he did not.

With Finney-Smith gone, Tech’s lineup looks very thin next season. Here is how the starting lineup projects…

PG – Erick Green
SG – Robert Brown
SF – Jarell Eddie
PF – C.J. Barksdale
C – Cadarian Raines

The bench looks very thin, with point guard Marquis Rankin (So.), European post Joey van Zegeren (r-Fr.) and incoming wing/post Marshall Wood (Fr.). Power forward Montrezl Harrell, Tech’s highest-rated recruit of the 2012 class, is still undecided on whether or not he will request a release from his letter of intent.

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  1. This is after all basketball, so transferring and leaving school early are expected.

  2. The Richmond Times-Dispatch mentioned former Tech assistant John Richardson (who has now returned to ODU) had a relationship with FS that was a key factor in his coming to Tech. Question: should Tech exclude ODU as a place that FS can transfer?

    1. Doe-Doe’s mom has said he doesn’t want to go to ODU … which doesn’t answer your question, but it appears to not be an issue.

  3. Hate to see him go because I think he’s going to be a great player. And I wish him well. I wish he would have stayed but it’s his decision and he’s got to do what he thinks is best. Good luck to him and I hope he finds a school that he’s more comfortable with.

  4. Re: Depth- failed to mention Will “the Thrill” Johnston at guard. He has game.

  5. I liked his energy. That will be hard to replace . Someone who can shoot would be nice. I think he will do really well in the right system. Reminds me of Dennis Rodman, but a little bit better foul shooter. If we are going to move to the next level, I think we need to go big with better shooters. What ever happened to putting on a press and a halfway decent inbounds play? You can do both if you have some decent big men.

  6. I think he was OVER RATED anyway.He’s just not as good as HE thinks he is!

  7. Definitely a bummer, but it’s not unreasonable for a 17-18 year old kid to want to change his mind about where he’ll live and play for the next 3 years.

    1. Yeah, especially if they play basketball for VT. Hate to see all the attrition : (

  8. Watch out for tampering by ODU, one of the Hokie assistants went there. Also, DFS’s mother was very vocal at games, sounds like the family knows more about coaching than coaches ???? This sounds like little league ball all over again where parents are too vocal.

    1. Deron Washington’s mom was also very vocal and at most every game after moving to Blacksburg. Why, because she loved her son, was passionate about VT, and her son is one of my all time favorites. Why throw out something about someone’s mom based on probably knowing nothing about her. Close to 100% of Lane Stadium and Cassell have people very vocal at games, can’t expect parents to sit on cover their mouths. Don’t throw crap out like that without having something to back it up.

  9. Hate to lose DFS but perhaps this will be a reason for Harrell to stay with his loi. The possibility of early PT looks more likely now.

    Any idea what the issue was that was “brewing” forDFS.

    1. Don’t think it was any one thing in particular. I just don’t think he liked it and would rather be somewhere else.

      1. Chris can Virginia Tech prohibit him from transferring to another Virginia university or to another ACC university?

        1. I sure conditions can be put on the release, such as NO to certain schools.

          Also, I’m pretty sure the ACC still adds a 2nd year to the mandatory sit time required by the NCAA, should DFS decide to transfer to an ACC school.

        2. I believe Greenberg restricted Nigel Munson from going to Georgetown when he transferred.

          1. I think you’re thinking of a release not a transfer and that wasn’t Munson and it was George Washington not Georgetown.

            But yes, Johnson can put conditions on the transfer if he thought there was something fishy going on.

  10. It’s disappointing as a VT fan because his best years are yet to come, however; if he’s not happy than I needs to move on. I do think he needs to be honest with himself and Coach JJ as to what kept him from being happy at VT. If he does that than I can’t have any hard feelings and I hope he finds happiness elsewhere.

    1. Fine, if he doesn’t like the Hokie Nation then find another home. To be honest I remember an old saying “all that glitters isn’t gold” so let him follow the rainbow. Maybe he was going to be the best thing since “sliced bread” but frankly I didn’t see it happening on the court.

      1. too harsh bro…an 18 year old kid and it just didnt work out – cant blame him for doing what he wants with his life. Bigger picture than W&L for VT and we dont know the whole story so how can we judge?
        We will move on in the VT pride and respectful way – and hey, if we play him best of luck but will always cheer for the O&M baby! Plenty of other ways to be successful and proud of the Hokies

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