Update On Known Issues With the New Site

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Over the weekend, we solved the IE8 issue that was bringing the site to a crawl for so many of you. Yesterday, our highest priority was figuring out a major bug we had in our article editor (something you don’t even see, but which affects our ability to post articles), and now that we’ve got that figured out, we’ll move on to solving the various issues and bugs that are still in the system.

Here is a list of known issues.  There may be more than this. Just comment at the bottom if you can add anything, and we’ll update the list here.

Being asked to log in repeatedly.

Many of you log into the header, go to a pay board or pay article, and are prompted to log in again.  Some of you have to log in every time you go to a pay board or article.  This is affecting me as well — I have to log into pay articles every day, and into the message boards often, regardless of what my header says. There is a disconnect between the header login and message board login that we’ve got to get sorted out.

Having said that, as we get the site up and running, we’ve had to do some reboots and clearing of the cache that may also be affecting everyone. The big thing is, when prompted, can you get in? If the answer is yes, that’s good, and we’ll work on cleaning it up when we get a chance.

Not getting an email when you request your username/password.

Many ISPs have blocked our emails as SPAM, so when you request your username/password, you never get the email. We’re working on resolving this to improve email flow.  If you request your username/password and don’t get a reply, hit is up at [email protected] with an email.

Fonts blurry/hard to read.

Many of the fonts we use on the site need to be a different, more legible style to improve reading ease, and the color needs to be darker.  It’s a dark gray that needs to be closer to black.  In addition, hyperlinks aren’t jumping out at you because they’re a dark red, but not bolded or underlined. We’ll continue to work on all of these issues.

Articles showing up blank, with the ads at the top.

We have seen this fleetingly ourselves, and fear this might be a tough one to track down. It has always cleared up for us later on, so we can’t get a consistent look at it.

Going to the recruiting database, or accessing the Target Board, makes the page “flash.”

Sounds nasty. We haven’t seen this one, but are aware of its existence.

Clicking on the “2012 Football Verbals” list or any similar listing produces a list of all recruits from that year.

This occurs because MSIE corrupts the web address we use to produce those lists (specifically, it changes a vertical bar — | — into %C7, which trashes the script).

Setting the message boards to a certain view works, then the board changes back to the previous setting.

Sometimes, when you change the order of the threads, or change the view from threaded to linear, and then you move around the board, it changes right back to the wrong setting.  This has affected me on my work computer — I set the Display View to Threaded, yet it keeps showing me the board in Linear display.

Not getting article notification emails.

As detailed in our Help/FAQ, this feature is not present on the site right now. When we switched from our old site to the new one, the off-the-shelf software we selected (WordPress, vBulletin, etc.) did not have this capability built in.

“What’s New?” listing crops time and forum name off.

This is a font issue. We’re trying to herd all the font issues into one group and take care of all of them at once. Also, UWS posts are included on the What’s New list — not a good thing.

Be sure to read our Help/FAQ, plus the primer that is linked at the top of every message board, for help and info. We’re also going to start running “Tips and Tricks” soon to help you learn how to use the new site.


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6 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Without notice I stopped getting e mails of new articles. I was getting nothing. This was one of your most valuable features to me. I thought perhaps I had missed a renewal notice and went on line and renewed. That’s when I found out the issues you were having.

    I am sure you will get this sorted out. Just wanted you to know I renewed early because of he issues and did not want to lose the additional months I still had on my previous subscription. Please advise.

    Please confirm…133580HOKIE

  2. Not sure if it’s a site issue or not, but the youtube links (Oklahoma Drill) on the Red Zone article are not opening in a new window.

  3. I was at my office, and couldn’t remember my password. I just found it here at home, so I’m good now. I never did receive an email response at the office, probably was blocked. Thanks for all you guys do.

  4. The old system would change the color of the title of a post once it was read. This told me I have read it before, and I could quickly scan the entire thread and pick up the posts I have not read. The new system does not do this. Is this a setting issue for me, or can it be eventually fixed? (I realize this will not be a high priority.)

    1. HokieJack: I’m going to run a “reading the board in threaded view” tutorial tomorrow (I hope) that will explain the best way to view the board in that format. I will try to remember to address this specific question.

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