Barnett Addresses Decommitment

Chris Horne, SportsWar Recruiting Analyst, on February 19, 2014
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Class of 2015 defensive end Michael Barnett’s decision to reopen his recruitment didn’t happen overnight. More specifically, despite the feeling of some, he didn’t renege on his Virginia Tech commitment the moment Alabama came through with a scholarship offer last week. To the contrary, the Woodland (Dorchester, S.C.) standout has been considering this action for weeks.

Barnett originally committed to the Hokies in November of 2013.

“I really did like Virginia Tech. I liked everything about ‘em,” said Barnett. “I just started thinking about life after football, so I’m just looking at every aspect as far as my major, which is Broadcasting, and comparing them with other schools.”

Virginia Tech remains a top contender. In fact, the 4-star prospect says “Tech is still number one” on his list and he plans to attend a practice in Blacksburg this spring. Barnett intends on taking his time in making his final college choice, though, and he could go all the way until Signing Day next February.

“I’m not going to put a timetable on it,” he said.

Alabama is the most recent school to offer, joining Virginia Tech, Clemson, Florida, Florida State and others. The 6’4”, 240-pound junior has double-digit offers in total.

In terms of visits, as mentioned Barnett plans to attend a spring practice at Virginia Tech. He also plans to go to Florida State. No other trips are planned as of yet, but the Palmetto State star likely will hit the recruiting trail hard this spring and summer.

TSL’s Take

I do feel Virginia Tech is still a top contender in this race. A de-commitment is not a good thing, of course, but I believe Barnett just committed too early and wants to make sure. The fact that Barnett plans on returning to Blacksburg this spring is a plus and shows his interest. Barnett has been to Tech several times already, and as long as he continues to visit I feel Tech will be a top contender.


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