Barnett Addresses Decommitment

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Class of 2015 defensive end Michael Barnett’s decision to reopen his recruitment didn’t happen overnight. More specifically, despite the feeling of some, he didn’t renege on his Virginia Tech commitment the moment Alabama came through with a scholarship offer last week. To the contrary, the Woodland (Dorchester, S.C.) standout has been considering this action for weeks.

Barnett originally committed to the Hokies in November of 2013.

“I really did like Virginia Tech. I liked everything about ‘em,” said Barnett. “I just started thinking about life after football, so I’m just looking at every aspect as far as my major, which is Broadcasting, and comparing them with other schools.”

Virginia Tech remains a top contender. In fact, the 4-star prospect says “Tech is still number one” on his list and he plans to attend a practice in Blacksburg this spring. Barnett intends on taking his time in making his final college choice, though, and he could go all the way until Signing Day next February.

“I’m not going to put a timetable on it,” he said.

Alabama is the most recent school to offer, joining Virginia Tech, Clemson, Florida, Florida State and others. The 6’4”, 240-pound junior has double-digit offers in total.

In terms of visits, as mentioned Barnett plans to attend a spring practice at Virginia Tech. He also plans to go to Florida State. No other trips are planned as of yet, but the Palmetto State star likely will hit the recruiting trail hard this spring and summer.

TSL’s Take

I do feel Virginia Tech is still a top contender in this race. A de-commitment is not a good thing, of course, but I believe Barnett just committed too early and wants to make sure. The fact that Barnett plans on returning to Blacksburg this spring is a plus and shows his interest. Barnett has been to Tech several times already, and as long as he continues to visit I feel Tech will be a top contender.

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  1. He has a VT offer. If he wants to come so be it. Let’s move on and make more offers just like Alabama and other major programs. We need to resource our recruiting budget and enlarge our recruiting footprint.

  2. Props to Michael for having the class to do an interview for this website to explain his decision. He shouldn’t have committed so early and he owes it to himself to see what other options are out there.

    Personally, I try not to get too stoked about these super-early commitments because the percentage of decommitments is much higher than with kids who wait until later in the process to commit. While it’s always better to get the verbal commitment than not to get it, we should all take commitments made a year before signing day with a grain of salt.

  3. Sad to say, but I’ve read it here before, once Bama comes callin, We go from the Belle of the Ball-to the Dog who doesn’t even get asked to Dance. This Kid will never end up in Blacksburg. I hate Nick Sabin-I wish Bud Foster could punch him in da Mouff! Bud could do it too!

        1. No, “what it is” is that some people prefer to whine regardless of the actual facts. The actual facts are that we’ve signed several guys over the years that Alabama wanted and actively recruited, including two in this year’s class alone. Sure Alabama has ended up with some guys that we’ve wanted. I’ll bet every other program in the country can say the exact same thing. But it’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence. In fact, right off the top of my head I can only think of DaShawn Hand and Koren Kirven, although I’m sure that there are more. But neither one of those guys were ever committed to VT.

  4. Ok so how is our broadcasting program? Does it suck or is it all right? I have no idea as it is a very foreign area for me

    1. We have aa long list of very successful broadcasters and television types. We are not Syracuse, but we do pretty well for ourselves. I saw a list on the Sub board the other day. You can go there and look it up, but think (for one gorgeous example) Fox New’s MOLLY LINE.

      If Broadcast is truly a consideration, we stand up VERY well, Alabama..not so much!

  5. Play the “Hoda and Colin phone calls” cards: ‘Hey there, Heard you were interested in broadcasting and attending my alma mater Virginia Tech. Let me tell you how great my experience was at Tech and how it helped me as a broadcaster. …’ That should help.

  6. Woody–Some of what you say has merit. I take with several grains of salt the fact that you suggest Greg Roberts as mentor. Do you ever listen to Greg? He spends almost zero time in preparation. Reads USA TODAY, bull s*its a great deal. Follow good ole Greg after FB retires and see how his contacts are then.

  7. I too wonder about Tech’s broadcasting curriculum as compared to other schools. Maybe we need to get him in touch with Bill Roth and let Bill take him under his wing…can’t get much better than that.

  8. Hope I’m wrong but I think this is a guy who ain’t comming to VT who, in the spirit of his journalistic ambitions, is trying to sound politically correct. Bottom line is that he was offered by the reigning NC and another team who recently won 3 of them.

    Who really (I would put that in italics if I knew how) thinks this kid comes to VT?

  9. VT grads in major broadcast positions- Hoda Kotb (NBC), Peirre Thomas (ABC), Brian Sullivan (CNBC) on the national level (all I can think of off hand); plus Jummy Olabanji, Colin Carroll, Greg Roberts, and on and on. The coaches are no doubt all over this and will explain it well his next visit.

  10. If he wants to go into broadcasting, I would think Syracuse would be high on his list of schools?. Tech has a good communications program. Plus, I’m sure they use the new impressive Moss Center for the Arts for some of their classes.

  11. I’m kind of curious about his mention of his major… What IS VT’s Broadcasting (would it be Media, Journalism or Communications?) program like…? Do the other schools who are in the mix have much better programs than VT?

    1. From a graduate of the COMM department with a focus in broadcasting, Barnett’s comment made me cringe a bit.

      1. Could you elaborate? Do we have a top notch dept/program…? What was your experience? What is your view on his comment? Why did it make you cringe?

  12. I hope he ends up in Orange and Maroon, think he would look goooood. But it is a long way to signing day next year.

    Dude hope you enjoy the spring game and maybe even a summertime visit. Best of Luck in your Senior year and hope to see you on campus Fall of ’15.

  13. I feel much better about Michael now. He seems to have it together and understands he committed way too early. I hope we land him. If not, I wish him the best of luck.

  14. Thank you, Chris — I agree, that as long as he keeps visiting Tech, the HOKIES are strongly in the running and gives the Tech the time to really bond wit him and hope that that makes a difference over the pesky MNC Championships that ‘bama and FSU have!

  15. The kid is up front with it and while a de-commitment is never good news, he did not wait until the last minute and has been very honest and forthcoming about it. Sounds like a good kid who wants to do the right thing. Hope he becomes a Hokie but his actions have respected Tech and we need to respect his decision process and trust that he makes the right decision both for himself but also for VT.

      1. Ditto. If he feels he needs to consider his future in more depth, he should let Tech know this and be up front about it. It is a very important personal decision and he is going about it the correct way.

  16. There’s no point in being fatalistic about Michael’s recruitment. There’s a long way to go. ‘Bama has probably offered a dozen kids with the same profile. All of them won’t be headed to there. He can get a good education @ VT and will play in a successful program. That’s all any kid can realistically ask for. Hopefully, he’ll choose to come on board. If not, then I hope he gets the same opportunities wherever he chooses to matriculate.

  17. I’m OK with what he did. He committed too early and when he realized he wanted to think about it some more, he was up front about it immediately. He didn’t treat VT like a safety school like Harrison did. I hope he still signs with VT.

  18. I hope he ends up at VT but I do not fault him in making sure we are right for his future plans for life after football. He should be commended for being mature enough
    to realize it and plan for it. I hope he keeps visiting and then enrolls with us if not best of luck and wishes to him.

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