Justin Fuente Showing a Personal Touch With In-State Prospects

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Justin Fuente

Fuente Showing a Personal Touch With In-State Prospects

Nick Saban and his staff offer a lot of players.  A quick count using the 247Sports database lists 264 prospects with Alabama offers for the 2017 class.  Of course, not all of them are committable offers, but they are still viewed as real offers by recruits.  Michigan and Jim Harbaugh have offered even more (293).

By contrast, Virginia Tech is listed with 203 offers.  Some of those offers aren’t actually offers though, because there are guys on that list who were offered by the old staff who no longer have offers from the new staff (quarterback Shon Mitchell, for example, who has since committed to William & Mary).  In reality, Tech may have offered fewer than 200 prospects.


What’s my point here?  My point is that Alabama football is something like a Henry Ford assembly line.