Virginia Tech Recruiting Class Scouting Reports: QBs, RBs, and WRS

Devin Farrell, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech quarterback Devin Farrell will have plenty of time to develop. (Jon Fleming)

When it comes to recruiting for the highlight-reel spots on offense, Virginia Tech signed some guys who look capable of making ESPN-worthy plays. At the same time, it seems to be raw talent, sometimes paired with some weaknesses that’ll need to be overcome.

Devin Farrell
6’0, 192
Alpharetta, GA
Milton High

As the only QB of the class, Farrell had a lot of eyes on him, and he piqued even more interest when he made the most of a few Spring Game snaps for the Hokies. In high school, he transferred to Milton High and played a murderer’s row of ranked teams, with major games on ESPN broadcasts, culminating in a lost State Championship game to Collins Hill, which Max Preps ranked as the #12 program in the entire country. Looking at Milton’s schedule, you can see why he had the composure to handle himself this spring.

He didn’t have a recent compilation of highlights, so I made a scout reel for him. Watching full games, Milton played to their biggest strengths: running back Jordan McDonald hitting the Outside Zone, and Farrell running draws and sweeps. Farrell’s got moves for days as he made high-level competition look like it was stuck in mud. He puts up some pretty throws, though he wasn’t asked to do as much in the passing game; on the positive side, he’ll be used to how the Moorhead offense uses tight ends and asks the QB to throw on the move.

At his size, Farrell will need to protect himself as a runner and work especially hard to find passing lanes—it’s true that every QB needs throwing lanes, it’s just truer for guys who aren’t 6’6. We’ll need to see what kind of passer he develops into, though with a few guys ahead of him on the depth chart, he should have the time he needs.

Bryce Duke, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech running back Bryce Duke put up huge numbers in high school. (Jon Fleming)