I’m A Back Judge, Ask Me Anything: Part 1

Could a chip be inserted in a football to track it? Should officials be graded and ranked publicly? (Ivan Morozov)

Well friends, it’s officially the post-spring offseason. Not much to do now other than track the portal, see who makes it on campus for official visits, and of course, go nuts with mailbags and Q&As. Who am I to miss out on the fun?

If you’re brand new to this and wondering who in the world this guy is who’s ruining all the ref-bashing fun, feel free to check out my Fundamentals piece from last offseason or read some of the other Ask a Back Judge articles from the 2023 season.

Over the weekend, I put out a call on the Tech Sideline Subscribers Board for questions, and you guys didn’t disappoint. Chris is on vacation, so it’s my understanding there will be minimal oversight for this… OK, apparently Will, David and Andy are still around, but let’s see what we can get away with regardless.

Thoughts on putting a chip in the ball to verify touchdowns/fieldgoals/etc. — Tank