Virginia Tech Spring Game Review, Part 1

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech players went head to head on Saturday. (Jon Fleming)

We finally got some football, y’all. I think the best thing the spring game does is give an idea of how the depth chart is coming along. Here’s who hit the field on the first play of each possession, with guys I expect to be starters/pseudo-starters highlighted:

That’s a low-risk list of expected starters, with the slots being filled by returners or touted transfers.
I’m expecting/hoping at least one of Nick Gallo or Benji Gosnell makes it back on the field and holds down the #1 TE spot, and Jalen Stroman’s a lock for the boundary safety spot. The most up-in-the-air spot might be that second DE, as Burgos was the starter at one point last year; he had some eye-catching moments in the scrimmage, and a little bit of tough-love praise from Pry that hints the performance wasn’t a fluke. That said, Cole Nelson became more dynamic as the season went on. A few other spots are also tightly contested, and we’ll get more into that next time. Post-game transfers and (unfortunately) in-game injuries also lend insight; fingers-crossed for CJ McCray as he heals.

Of these units, the Maroon offense looked to benefit most from unbalanced talent levels, as they had Drones at QB and what I’m guessing will be four of five Week 1 starters on the offensive line staying in longer than most of the defensive starters. You can see the effect of the OL here: