Post-Spring Thoughts: Virginia Tech Well-Positioned For 2024

Virginia Tech
Aeneas Peebles and Virginia Tech look poised for success in 2024. (Jon Fleming)

Another year, and another spring game is in the books. Is it just me, or was this a quieter spring than most? If so, that’s probably a good thing. Or, maybe because of all the basketball news of the last few weeks spring football simply got overlooked. At any rate, with the exception of the spring sports, we have reached the offseason for most Virginia Tech athletics.

I went back and watched the spring game on Sunday to see if I missed anything from watching it live. I don’t think I did, but it did confirm for me a few things that I thought while watching it from Lane Stadium.

Before we get into the meat of this article, let me go on a quick rant. The weights that ESPN used for their broadcast were from last spring rather than this spring. You’re talking about a multi-billion-dollar operation in ESPN and a $130-million athletic department in Virginia Tech, and people there couldn’t put their collective heads together to get the proper weights on the screen? Here are a couple of specific examples: 

• Pop Watson: Tech’s backup quarterback was listed at 176 on ESPN, but he’s been 190 on the online roster since August! That 176 was his initial weight when he enrolled in college last winter.