Bitter: Drones Shines In Short Spring Game Outing, Capping Optimistic Month For Hokies

Hokies quarterback Kyron Drones led the Maroon team to three touchdown drives in the first quarter of Saturday’s spring game. (Jon Fleming)

Brent Pry typically is quick with a whistle when anyone gets close to Kyron Drones at practice, but the Hokies coach displayed an even itchier trigger finger during the spring game at Lane Stadium. 

While other quarterbacks were “tag-off” when defenders approached, with the play halted after a light touch, Drones had a little more protection Saturday.

“He was ‘air tag,’” Pry said. “They just had to get close and I was blowing the whistle.”

While that’s not always what a quarterback like Drones wants — off-script plays are often his forte — the quarterback still performed to a more than satisfactory level, throwing for 122 yards and two touchdowns in one quarter of the Maroon team’s 21-14 victory over the Orange team.