Connor Salmin Has Family Connections To Virginia Tech

Connon Salmin
Connon Salmin has plenty of family connections to Virginia Tech. (@connorsalmin)

Connor Salmin
Wide Receiver, Class of 2026
Woodgrove, Purcellville, VA
6-1, 190

In many ways, the whole recruiting process has come a little early for Woodgrove (Va.) class of 2026 wide receiver Connor Salmin. Or at least, he thought it’d all come later.

“It’s still early, being a 2026 guy,” Salmin said. “I have so much time. It’s happening early, and it’s awesome to see everything play out. It’s an earlier chance to get ahead, see where I fit the best, where coaches think I’ll fit best. I haven’t thought a lot about it, just because it’s so early. I’ve got time.”

Salmin now counts seven scholarship offers from Virginia Tech, Virginia, Penn State, North Carolina, Duke, West Virginia and most recently, East Carolina. This spring has been about getting to know those options, with visits. Though he said he’s very much open to any schools, he’s gotten to know a few more than others.