Virginia Tech Mailbag: How Can Whit Babcock Fight Off Fan Disillusionment?

Tough times like these are where an athletic director like Whit Babcock at Virginia Tech really makes his money. (Jon Fleming)

What a week — and probably not in a good way if you’re a Virginia Tech fan. 

The hiring of Megan Duffy to fill Kenny Brooks’ shoes as the women’s basketball coach at least helps Tech turn the page with that program, though it feels like the events that led to it left a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of Hokies’ fans. That was pretty apparent in the questions I got this week for a mailbag.

What does Whit Babcock need to do and/or say to get Virginia Tech fans to continue to buy in, in this era of NIL, transfer portal and the great disappointment of Coach Brooks leaving for bluer pastures in Kentucky along the majority of the men’s basketball team entering the portal? The sentiment of “I don’t care anymore” and “I’m done with college athletics” seems to be growing. What needs to be done to get fans to continue to buy in and donate their money? — RUHokie

It’s never a good time to be an athletic director when a popular, successful coach moves on to a different job — especially after you’ve done an interview exuding confidence about keeping that coach in place. (Pro tip: Don’t set the bar so high next time!)

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