Virginia Tech Spring Video Roundup, Part 2

Spring Video Roundup, Part 1

There hasn’t been much video excitement posted since I last wrote. Good thing, then, a picture’s worth a few words, at least.

Clinics are a big tool for developing relationships with high school coaches in the region, and I feel like Pry has put more of an emphasis on them than prior VT coaches (though being a pretty media-savvy guy, you might be able to say he’s put more of an emphasis on just about everything Tech’s done, maybe with the exception of recruiting Texas high schools.) The 2024 “Chalk Talk” was an on-campus event held during the school year, so I’m betting most of the 120 or so attendees came from Montgomery or a neighboring county. This is in contrast to other big events that the Hokie coaches have either hosted or attended en masse in places like Richmond and the DC metro area, or national clinics that have featured individual Hokie coaches.