Hokies Practice Report: Mines Adds Assistant Head Coach Title, Ayden Greene A WR To Watch

Hokies wide receivers coach Fontel Mines recently added an assistant head coach title. (Ivan Morozov)

There was no definitive conversation, per se, just small exchanges on the road recruiting or during personal time when Hokies receivers coach Fontel Mines communicated to Brent Pry his desire one day to be a head coach.

Pry helped facilitate that long-term development this week by naming Mines an assistant head coach at Virginia Tech, another promotion for someone who’s been on an upward trajectory since he got to Blacksburg.

The role, as best as anyone can tell right now, is still being defined. Pry wasn’t made available to speak to reporters again Tuesday, though Mines said with the title comes being a bit more involved in the leadership council part of things and getting in front of different people around the program.

“I think the most important thing is I just want to be where my feet are,” Mines said. “I just want to be sure I’m coaching receivers to the best of my ability and am recruiting the footprint and the state of Virginia and making sure guys are being developed. That’s first and foremost, and I think anything beyond that that Coach Pry feels like he trusts me with, I’m willing to do.”