Kaden Mowl Working Through Recruitment While Rehabbing

Virginia Tech, Kaden Mowl
Kaden Mowl is a massive offensive tackle prospect. (@kaden_mowl)

Kaden Mowl
Offensive Line, Class of 2025
Oakland High School, Murfreesboro, TN
6-6, 349

All throughout last season, Blackman (Tenn.) 2025 offensive lineman Kaden Mowl was in pain. Specifically, his shoulder hurt constantly. But Mowl played through it.

By the end of the season, Mowl didn’t miss a game, but he needed his shoulder looked at. Mowl doesn’t want to get too specific, but tests revealed a tear for which he had surgery on Dec. 5. The recovery process continues, including a light spring, but Mowl feels like he’s getting stronger each day.

“I’m at 12 weeks and it’s going along well,” he said. “And every workout I do, I’m at max resistance. I’m still doing resistance bands, isometrics, moving my arm around to try to keep it stable. It’s a hard recovery.”