The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: Roster Update, And Recruiting Florida

Lemar Law, First Bank & Trust
Lemar Law is now an offensive lineman. (Ivan Morozov)

1) What are your thoughts/takeaways from the latest football roster update? Lamar Law to OL? Antonio Cotman to S? Where is Marcell Baylor? Caleb Woodson listed as STAR/LB? — breid07

Chris Coleman: I’m glad you asked. The first thing I’ll say is that I don’t focus on updated weights that are released in mid-February for two reasons:

1: These guys have only been back on campus for a month.

2: Right now, the Hokies are going through their yearly Hunger Drills, which are more of an emphasis on conditioning than anything. Weight gains right now will be minimal. In some cases, guys will lose weight because they are doing so much cardio.

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