Virginia Tech Mailbag: High Retention Rates, Ranking ACC Coaches And Super Bowl Hokies

Can we attribute Virginia Tech’s high-retention rate with its top players to the fun atmosphere Brent Pry’s created? (Ivan Morozov)

When I solicited Hokies mailbag questions this week, I wasn’t expecting such a lively discussion on the message boards about how exactly teams like Stanford and Cal will travel to Blacksburg when they’re on the schedule. 

I don’t know the answer, but there’s a healthy amount of discussion about it on the thread.

Now for questions I can answer. There were a lot of them. I might hold on to some of the less urgent ones for upcoming mailbags:

Should we deduce from the football team’s high retention rate that Brent Pry and his staff are well-regarded by the players? — 133182Hokie