The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: Fumbles, The Center Spot And More

Virginia Tech, First Bank & Trust
Fumbles were an issue for Virginia Tech this season. (Ivan Morozov)

1) I know it was a driving rainstorm, but is there concern with Kyron Drones holding onto the ball on pass plays? Hard to grip the ball. An outlier? — 8hokie5

Chris Coleman: It’s a good question. Yes, the heavy rain on Wednesday played a huge role, but he also dropped one in a similar fashion in the Pitt game which the Panthers picked up and turned into a touchdown. It’s possible that grip is a slight concern.

Drones is credited with eight fumbles in 2023, which is the eighth-highest total for any individual player in college football. Tech fumbled 1.8 times per game (24 total) in 2023, which ranks No. 125 out of 133 FBS teams. Yes, some of those came in a game with nasty weather, but when you rank that high in fumbles, it shows that it was a season-long problem.

Eight fumbles is a lot, but the team had 16 other fumbles, so it’s not just a Drones thing. Bhayshul Tuten had five fumbles, which was tied for No. 34 nationally, so he’s got some work to do there as well.

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