Virginia Tech Makes Three Key Additions On Defense

Aeneas Peebles
Aeneas Peebles is a great fit at defensive tackle for Virginia Tech. (Duke athletics)

Virginia Tech picked up three huge defensive commitments on Monday that will reshape the interior of the defense in 2023.

Signing day is on Wednesday, but I wanted to squeeze this piece in today because I think all three additions are extremely important. As a duo (and hopefully an eventual trio), the defensive tackles are very important, but as an individual, I don’t think the Hokies could’ve received a more important commitment than the one they got at linebacker.

Scheme Fit At Defensive Tackle

When it comes to defensive tackle, scheme fit is very important. That’s true for all positions, but at the same time, a top cornerback can play in all systems. A dominant wide receiver is going to succeed in all offenses. A great running back is a good fit anywhere. That’s not always the case with defensive tackles.

Let’s take Tech’s own Norell Pollard as an example. He was recruited to Bud Foster’s scheme and had a very successful career in maroon and orange. Here are his year-by-year PFF grades: