Monday Thoughts: Another Great Game in Lane Stadium North

Virginia Tech Football
“You’re awesome!” “No, you’re awesome!” “No … YOU’RE awesome!” (Ivan Morozov)

That satisfying click you heard was the sound of everything falling into place for the 2023 Virginia Tech football team in its 55-17 blowout of the Virginia Cavaliers.

As I mentioned in last week’s article, we have now reached the end of the story for this year’s Hokies. Sure, there’s an epilogue to be written in the form of a bowl game, but this is the meat of the story, told in 12 chapters: hero gets in danger, and the situation looks dire; hero battles back out of seemingly hopeless circumstances; things take a turn for the worse here and there, but our hero eventually triumphs, all the while screaming, “Yippee-Ki-Yay …!”

I’ll stop right there. Sorry, I’ve got the game on the TV as I start to write, and Chris Cotter of the ACC Network is talking about how his favorite “Christmas movie” is Die Hard.

No one saw this beatdown coming. Looking at the Vegas odds, which were VT -3 in our game preview, they closed prior to the game at VT -1. Basically, a toss-up. Then the Hokies completely rolled an unprepared and outclassed UVa team, etching another impressive chapter in this lopsided series.


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