On The Cusp Of Double-Digit Sacks, Hokies End Antwaun Powell-Ryland Is Staying Relentless

Antwaun Powell-Ryland had six sacks in games against Wake Forest and Syracuse. (Jon Fleming)

When it comes to rushing the passer, J.C. Price has walked the walk before at Virginia Tech, a fearsome interior lineman in the mid-’90s for the Hokies who racked up sacks and earned All-American status. 

So Tech’s defensive line coach is allowed to talk the talk when it comes to rushing the passer and what qualifies as great.

“It’s special to get 10 [sacks],” Price said. “I’ve always told D-linemen that I’ve coached, ‘Don’t tell me you can rush the passer until you have 10 in a season.’ That to me is the benchmark of whether you can walk around and say, ‘Yeah, I’m good at rushing the passer’ or not.

“He’s close. I hope he gets it.”