NC State Study: Wolfpack Finding An Identity

NC State
NC State will bring a run-heavy offense to Blacksburg with plenty of gadget plays. (Ivan Morozov)

The Wolfpack is on a tear, going from a team in turmoil to a win streak over Clemson, Miami, and Wake Forest. They’ve been building early leads and then hanging on for safe wins. By my eye, they’re a poor man’s Louisville, and I think they’ll be a tough out for the Hokies this Saturday.


State’s got a nasty defense, but their statistically unimpressive offense might be the most interesting outfit the Hokies have seen in recent years. NC State has been using every page in the fun house playbook. The offensive coordinator is Bob Anae, who you might remember had some good offenses at UVA, but was also the architect of that awful tackle lateral play or whatever it was. Here’s what he’s been cooking at State in an attempt to overcome some QB issues:

Yep, that’s quarterback Brennan Armstrong (#5) lining up behind the left guard, and it’s not a one off, either: he lined up like this twice against Wake, and in the past three games, he’s lined up at either WR or RB four times (and when at RB, he’ll take the hand-off and pass the ball.)