Inside The Numbers: The Dominance Of Dorian Strong

Dorian Strong
Dorian Strong is having a great season for Virginia Tech. (Ivan Morozov)

In this week’s Inside the Numbers, we’re going to focus on the outstanding season posted by one of Virginia Tech’s starting cornerbacks. We’ll also talk about the interesting run play/pass play split for one of Virginia Tech’s true freshmen on the offensive side of the ball.

Dorian Strong Having Historic Season

Cornerback Dorian Strong is having a dominant year. Because people usually tend to look at interceptions as the stat that defines cornerbacks, he had gone unnoticed until last week. When he had two picks in the first quarter, people started taking a closer look. Lo and behold, he’s having one of the most dominant seasons for a cornerback in Virginia Tech history.

QCP, who is a great contributor to our community as well as a fantastic stats guy, was one of those moved to do a little research on Strong’s season after the Boston College game. He put up a full post, with a really big table, which you can read here.

I decided to do a simplified version of the table with fewer overall metrics and to include only the Virginia Tech cornerbacks of the PFF era to post an opposing NFL QB rating of under 60. It has only been done five times by four different players (assuming Strong finishes, ummm, strong).