Ask A Back Judge: Bonus ACC Coverage

Ask A Back Judge
Back judge Tristan Raisch looks at some interesting calls around the ACC from this past weekend. (Ivan Morozov)

The Virginia Tech/BC game might have been about as close to perfect as it’s possible to get, from an official’s perspective. At least in terms of fan reaction. The best games are always the ones where we just sort of disappear, and the other two teams on the field do their thing.

Alas, not every ACC crew this week was so lucky, so we’re going to throw a bit of a curve ball here, and check out some calls from a couple ACC games that got a bunch of attention over the weekend, and could end up having a major impact on where the Hokies finish the season within the conference. Many thanks to the Subscribers who commented with questions and play suggestions!

Catch or Interception?

Boy howdy, if there’s one play that was the impetus for this article, here it is. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen college football Twitter so abuzz as when this play was ruled a catch, and there was no stoppage for a replay review.