Ask A Back Judge: Pick Plays, And Uniform Rules

Back Judge
This week we’ll look at pick plays, and also uniform rules. (Ivan Morozov)

I’m not sure what’s worse: getting inundated by fans wanting a breakdown of exactly how each call screwed over the Hokies after a close loss and feeling like I have too much material to cover, or everyone just kinda agreeing that Tech would’ve gotten whipped even if the zebras worked the game blindfolded. I think I’m leaning towards the latter. At any rate, it makes for much less exciting posts on the Subscribers board. Oh well, we’ve at least got some OPI to break down. Like last week, we’ll be going over a play that’s seen a rise in popularity in modern offenses looking to maximize the impact of precise spacing and tactical matchups. This time, it’s the pick (or rub) play.

The Play: 3rd and 9 from the UL 12, Drones fakes a sweep to Jaylin Lane as Dae’quan Wright and Stephen Gosnell run opposing crossing routes over the middle of the field. Gosnell gets free, and Drones hits him for an 11-yard gain, setting up 4th and 1 deep in Cardinals territory. A flag comes out late for offensive pass interference.

Officials Involved: Head Linesman (H), Field Judge (F), Back Judge(B)

The Rule: Illegal Contact and Pass Interference 7-2-8

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