Notebook: No. 13 Louisville Dominates Virginia Tech In Trenches

Kyron Drones and Virginia Tech couldn’t do much against the Louisville defense. (Ivan Morozov)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It started from the first play. Louisville burst through the Virginia Tech offensive line and got to Kyron Drones, bringing him down 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

In a way, Drones looked shocked, surprised at how quickly the Cardinals were able to get to him. But the rest of the 60 minutes played out just like that. Louisville controlled the line of scrimmage and, at times, threw Tech around like rag dolls. Simply put, the Hokies didn’t stand a chance offensively, and the final line proved that: Louisville 34, Tech 3.

“The temperament they played with, I’ve got a lot of respect for that,” Tech head coach Brent Pry said of Louisville. “And we’ve played that way at times. And even after we had the drive where we got the field goal, they come right back… You’ve got to be able to maintain that attitude play after play.

“I thought that was what kind of put them over the top for me today. They were big and strong. We knew that. And they were explosive. We knew that. And they managed the game well. But I thought they really came to play today.”