Five Thoughts After Virginia Tech’s Loss At Florida State

Kyron Drones and the Hokies are 2-4 halfway through the season. (Virginia Tech athletics)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Midway points of the season are usually a time for some self-reflection, so naturally the Hokies were asked about Virginia Tech’s progress after a 39-17 loss Saturday to No. 5 Florida State that dropped the team to 2-4 after six weeks.

“I feel like we’re slowly starting to rise,” quarterback Kyron Drones said.

Slowly is the operative word there. The Hokies might be making some progress — head coach Brent Pry surely wants you to think so — but it is minute at best and offset by glaring problems that Tech has been unable to fix despite what seems like a weekly renewed focus.

Here are five thoughts the day after the Hokies’ loss at Florida State: