Kyron Drones’ Texas Football Roots Span Generations: ‘We’ve Been In This Forever’

Kyron Drones made his first career start at Rutgers last week, accounting for 264 yards and a touchdown. (Ivan Morozov)

Football dads typically are a certain type of individual, but quarterback dads are a different breed altogether. 

Kevin Drones is a veteran high school football coach in Texas, so he’s well aware of this taxonomic difference, but he’s also Virginia Tech quarterback Kyron Drones’ dad, so he lives it. 

It’s why after spending the first half with his wife and daughter in the crowd at Rutgers for Kyron’s first college start last week, he sought out solo seating higher up in SHI Stadium for half No. 2, wanting to be alone with his thoughts — and more importantly, reactions — as he lived and died with every play.

“I felt worn out, I’ll tell you that,” Kevin said after Kyron’s 264-yard, one-touchdown effort in a 35-16 Hokies loss. “That night, I felt like I had played. You get so antsy and you’re watching as a dad and you want him to do well. It’s nerve-racking.”