More Running Game Struggles For The Virginia Tech Defense

Kyron Drones showed a number of positive flashes in his first start for Virginia Tech, but the team came up short at Rutgers. (Ivan Morozov)

In another stat that defies logic, Virginia Tech held Rutgers to 46 passing yards and 2.9 yards per attempt on Saturday but lost the game by 19 points.

I think most of us thought that the Hokies held a big advantage in the matchup against the Scarlet Knight passing game, and they absolutely dominated that part of the game, so kudos to Tech’s pass defense. That’s a really good job by those guys.

But then there’s the other point — Tech lost by 19. That’s hard to do when you hold the other team to 46 passing yards and 2.9 yards per attempt. That happened, of course, because the Hokies couldn’t stop the run, and they couldn’t generate enough points to stay in the game. The box score almost looks like an old VT-Georgia Tech game with Paul Johnson at the helm of the Yellow Jackets, except Johnson’s teams would have averaged more than 2.9 yards per attempt through the air and wouldn’t have thrown it more than seven or eight times.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one. I feel pretty unmotivated, to be honest. Not necessarily because of yesterday’s result, because I expected the Hokies to lose. But the overall situation has me pretty unmotivated, at least for Sunday. I don’t really have any insightful comments. I’m going to keep it simple and stick to the two major talking points: the Virginia Tech offense under Kyron Drones and the Hokies’ inability to stop the opposing team on the ground.