The First Bank & Trust Friday Q&A: Missed Tackles, Rebuilding, And Evaluating Drones

Virginia Tech, First Bank & Trust
Virginia Tech’s defense has missed a lot of tackles this season. (Jon Fleming)

1) You mentioned missed tackles in a recent article. Do the numbers suggest that the defense regularly has a high number of missed tackles per game over the last few seasons? I personally feel like I am yelling at a defender to freaking tackle the guy multiple times a game. I’d be interested to know if you feel the same, or is it just me? – ArdbergHokie

Chris Coleman: Good question. Let’s look at the PFF numbers for missed tackles dating back to 2016…

2016: 117 total, 8.36 per game
2017: 98 total, 7.54 per game
2018: 154 total, 11.85 per game
2019: 124 total, 9.54 per game
2020: 129 total, 11.73 per game
2021: 146 total, 11.23 per game
2022: 102 total, 9.27 per game
2023: 34 total, 17 per game

Virginia Tech averaged under 10 missed tackles per game in three of Bud Foster’s last four seasons. They have averaged more than 10 missed tackles per game in three of the four seasons since he retired, though to be fair one of those was a COVID year and we’re only two games into the 2023 season. However, if the 2023 trend continues at the same rate, this will be the worst tackling Virginia Tech team in the last eight years.

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