Monday Thoughts: T-Bow or Not T-Bow, That is the Question

Virginia Tech Lane Stadium rain delay
For Hokies fans, the downpour Saturday was both physical and symbolic. (Jon Fleming)

Saturday was the longest day. Not just because of the NCAA-record weather delay, but because of another woeful offensive performance and a rash of injuries. Two games in, things are looking rough.

As usual, the TSL staff has documented the game (Virginia Tech’s 24-17 loss to Purdue) very well. Check out their work here. So there’s no need to cover the well-trod ground of not being prepared, showing no life in the running game, etc.

Things are clearly “off” offensively. We all see it. As long ago as the middle of last season, the head coach has publicly expressed doubt about the offense, and yet things haven’t changed. We hoped we’d see something different this season, but in many ways, they have regressed.

Offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen’s personal ability to course-correct looks limited, and now that injuries are eating into his roster, his options are shrinking.

Alumnni Hall