Virginia Tech Football: Updated Weights For 2023

Ayden Greene, Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech freshman wide receiver Ayden Greene has turned heads since he enrolled in the spring. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech has finally updated their player weights online. Today, we’ll take a look at the biggest gainers and losers since the last time weights were recorded.

Keep in mind that the Hokies did things a little differently this year. Weights were updated for returning players before spring practice, which normally is not the case, so any weight gains (or losses) for those players are from March through August rather than the usual August through August schedule.

As far as the true freshmen go, those who enrolled in January had their weights listed in March and are now updated. Those who did not enroll in January had their weights taken upon summer enrollment (I believe in early July, but I can’t be sure).

I’ll mostly cover players with double-digit gains or losses, though I’ll touch on anyone else who caught my eye. This list will cover scholarship players only: