Virginia Tech Football Top Prospects: 2023

Virginia Tech cornerback Dante Lovett is on both lists. But where? (Ivan Morozov)

It’s time for one of our favorite yearly projects: our top prospects article that covers the top young players in the Virginia Tech program. This is a combination effort between GMSAHokie and Chris Coleman. Both writers will go over their lists from a year ago and how they fared before moving on to their current list.

Eligible players are redshirt sophomores or younger who have played fewer than 100 offensive or defensive snaps in their career. We’ll start things off with GMSA Hokie.

GMSA Hokie

Before I get started with my top prospects list, I’d like to revisit the top 10 list I did last year (August 2022) to see how things worked out with my predictions. Every year, I love to go back and see how well we did. Who’d we get right? Who’d we miss? 

Alumnni Hall