Practice Report: A Chippy Inside Run Drill, Young Corners And Tough WR Matchups

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s practice got a little chippy on Wednesday. (Ivan Morozov)

When Braelin Moore and Josh Fuga mixed it up, hands in each other’s facemasks after a rep near the start of Virginia Tech’s inside run drill at Wednesday’s practice, it foreshadowed what was going to be an intense period.

As it turns out, it got a little too fiery.

A few snaps later, backup left guard Johnny Dickson took a hearty swing at the head of defensive tackle Wilfried Pene following the play. An official the Hokies had at practice threw a flag, much to the head coach’s consternation.

Brent Pry raced in and corralled Dickson, directing him to leave the field by shouting that he was done for the day. He then stood in the middle of the team and emphatically got his point across about extracurricular activities that could draw a penalty.