2023 Virginia Tech Offensive Line Preview: Youth And Inexperience

Virginia Tech, Ron Crook
Ron Crook has a young group of offensive linemen at Virginia Tech. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech is on its third offensive line coach in as many seasons, and the Hokies are hoping for better results than they got in Joe Rudolph’s one season on the staff. Ron Crook, who was previously at Cincinnati and West Virginia, is now in charge.

In terms of PFF rankings, the Hokies were No. 10 out of 14 ACC schools in run blocking a year ago with a grade of 52.4. The only schools below them were Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Boston College. They were also No. 10 in pass blocking with a grade of 62.2, with UNC, Boston College, Georgia Tech and UVa below them. Team blocking rankings also include the other positions (for example, WR and TE blocking), but it’s fair to use it as a gauge for the offensive line.

Those numbers need to go up, but what really stood out to me this past season was the big drop-off in grades from Virginia Tech’s returning starters…

Individual Drop-Off In 2022