2023 ACC Football Kickoff Notebook: QBs, Ali Jennings, And More

Brent Pry
Brent Pry and Virginia Tech spoke with the media on Wednesday at the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte. (Will Stewart)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — At the ACC Football Kickoff on Wednesday, Virginia Tech football head coach Brent Pry and three players — DT Josh Fuga, TE Nick Gallo and WR Ali Jennings — spoke with the league’s media on a number of topics. Here are some brief takeaways:

1. Whoever wins the quarterback battle will be in a better spot this season than 2022. 

When preseason practice starts on Aug. 1, redshirt senior Grant Wells and redshirt sophomore Kyron Drones will pick up where they left off in the spring. 

One could make the case that Wells is slightly ahead because he’s the incumbent and had a good performance in the Hokies’ spring game, but Pry insists it’s an even battle.